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Aluminum Stair and Work Platform Components

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Metal Work Platform

  • Prefabricated 36″ by 36″
  • Stamped positive-traction walk surface
  • Units have common bolt hole patterns for stairs, other platforms, ladder and handrails
  • Platforms require support every 9′
  • Aluminum construction


Metal Handrail

  • Universal nut-plate insert
  • Prefabricated to fit the 36″ side of an ErectaStep platform
  • Pipe construction
  • Aluminum construction (powder coated)


Metal Stairs

  • 1 and 2-step stairs are “stand alone” units
  • 3 thru 6-step units are designed to be connected together totaling up to 20 steps
  • 26″ wide stamped positive-traction surface
  • Prefabricated to fit any side of an ErectaStep platform
  • Handrails on both sides to be powder coated pipe construction
  • Aluminum construction


Metal Tower Support

  • Single ErectaStep platform to a single tower support
  • Two platforms with one tower support between the seam
  • Tower support to go on multiple sides of an ErectaStep platform system
  • Aluminum construction



Metal Ladder

  • Ladder requires 90000 series ErectaStep tower
  • 24″ wie “D” shaped rung
  • Prefabricated to fit any side of an ErectaStep platform
  • Aluminum construction


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New Components

Additional Platform Access Options


Ladder Component

Our new ladder components are available in six sizes, from one to six steps and bolt to the bottom of any ErectaStep platform with no supplemental parts or engineering. Each ladder also functions as a support tower. ANSI yellow powder coating on handrails meet OSHA safety requirements and provide a durable finish.

One Platform – Endless Expansion

Unlimited Work Platform Configurations
ErectaStep’s modular design accommodates requirements from a single 3′ x 3′ platform to unlimited platform area requirements. Show above are a 3’x 12′ walkway configuration and a 9’x 9′ platform. Each of these designs can easily be expanded with the aid of tower supports. Platforms do not need intermediate support until you exceed three.

Effortless Assembly

Our patent pending platform design allows handrails and stairs to attach to common bolt holes on any side, allowing any configuration without drilling or fabrication. Configurations can be altered and components can be re-purposed at any time.

Stairs and Supports are Available in Six Heights


Aluminum Stairs Part Numbers and Weights


  • Available in six heights
  • 26” walk Surface
  • 9” vertical increments


Platform Tower Supports Part Numbers and Weights


  • Available in six heights
  • Bolts to any side of platform, regardless of stair location
  • Can span two platforms if required.


Platform Ladders Part Numbers and Weights


  • Available in six heights
  • Bolts to Bottom of platform, without supplemental parts
  • Also acts as Support Tower
Aluminum Stairs on a Custom Raised Work Area

Our components are a one-stop solution for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. Just bolt together the components you need to create a safe environment.

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Selected Customer Applications

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