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ErectaStep Customized Access Platform

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By Nate Frank
Feb 14, 2022
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Walking between two large tanks exposes your workers to workplace injuries

Manufacturing and industrial facilities need access platforms -- a raised footpath between two large tanks -- providing workers access. It is usually made of steel or aluminum and can be either fixed or portable. Fixed platforms are permanently installed, while mobile platforms can be moved around as needed. These walkways are essential for many tasks, such as cleaning and inspecting the tanks, and they help improve worker safety by furnishing a stable surface to stand on. In addition, our work platforms can be customized to fit your needs to reach other controls, such as pumps and valves.

A raised access platform can be a customized system of walkways installed in an industrial facility. The elevated passage between two tanks provides workers with a safe and efficient way to access equipment and materials hampered by any encumbrance. Metal stairs and guardrails come with our platforms to complete the safety equipment. Another case of our access platform is used to reach a large generator in this project.

Raised access platforms are commonly installed in facilities producing or storing hazardous materials. This is because the platform helps prevent worker exposure to the hazards by providing a safe walking surface. In addition, the platform can also help to contain spills and drips from overhead equipment. This is an important safety feature, as it prevents slips and falls that can occur when liquids are spilled on the floor.

Wet floors are a common workplace hazard, particularly in manufacturing and industrial environments. Slippery surfaces can cause employees to slip and fall, sustaining serious injuries. In fact, slips, trips, and falls are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. To help prevent these accidents, keeping floors clean and dry is important, which may require regular mopping and sweeping. Floor mats or other traction-enhancing measures are also viable solutions, as evidenced by the anti-slip walking surface of our access platforms. Employees should also be aware of the potential hazard and instructed to take care when walking on wet floors.

Workplace safety is of paramount importance in any industry, but especially in those where dangerous materials are being handled. The access platforms between two tanks play a vital role in maintaining the safety of workers, as they help prevent accidental contact between the tanks. In addition, the access platforms help to keep the workplace tidy and organized, which can further reduce the risk of accidents. By ensuring that the access platforms are well maintained, businesses can support a safe and productive workplace for their employees.

More importantly, the platform can act as a barrier between the tanks and other objects in the area. This could help prevent crushing casualties if the tanks are moved by unexpected forces like an earthquake or being hit by a forklift.

A crush injury can occur a worker is caught between two objects or when an object falls on top of a person. Crush injuries can be extremely serious, often resulting in crush syndrome, leading to death. Crush syndrome is a medical emergency that occurs when the muscles and tissues are pressed by force, releasing toxins into the bloodstream. Crush injuries often occur in industrial accidents but can also happen in car accidents or natural disasters. To prevent crush injuries, it is important to be aware of the risk factors and to take precautions to avoid being caught between two objects or struck by a falling object.

Access platforms are an important safety infrastructure in many industrial and manufacturing facilities. They provide a safe surface for workers to walk on when they need to clean or inspect large tanks. These platforms must be installed properly and regularly maintained to ensure the safety of employees. If you're responsible for protecting workers in a manufacturing or industrial setting, secure access platforms between large moveable pieces of equipment in place. Keeping equipment up-to-date and safe, facilities safeguard employees from mishaps and bound themselves against potential liabilities from expensive worker compensation claims and OSHA violations.





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