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Customized Work Platform for a Power Generator

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Elevated Maintenance Platform for HVAC Access
By Nate Frank
Sep 06, 2019
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Custom Elevated Work Platform With Stairs and Guard Rails

This image shows a perfect ErectaStep Customized Work Platform installation. The fully modular ErectaStep system gives you a very flexible ability to easily design elevated work platforms. With the ErectaStep system, you can design and build work platforms to any length or height.

ErectaStep Modular System Gives Your Company The Ability to Design and Install A Platform System With Ease

ErectaStep systems give you instant OSHA compliance right out of the carton due to superior engineering and our commitment to the safety of your workers. There are other platforms out there however ErectaStep is better than buying a prefabricated platform that cannot adapt to your companies unique needs. This installation needed both height and length to adjust to the HVAC system.

ErectaStep Platforms Stand Sturdy And Provide Room To Work Comfortably.

  • The Tower Supports - The strong supports are designed to give your company instant compliance.  ErectaStep makes its Tower supports with industrial-grade aluminum that is laser welded and inspected for quality.  The solid metal tower supports come in 11 sizes and is designed to work with the other 4 ErectaStep components seamlessly.
  • The Metal Stairs and Handrails - The industrial metal stairs are solid metal that bolt to the platform and deck adding stability. The treads meet all the newest OSHA regulations that cover length, depth, width, and weight-bearing ability. The built-in anti-slip tread creates no-slip confidence and "peace of mind" for proactive Safety Managers.  Workers go up and down with tools and extra equipment with ease.  The strong handrails are smooth, solid, and securely bolted into place.  The handrails hold firm if a worker pulls, leans, or pushes on them. ANSII yellow color is powder-coated onto the rails.  Powdercoating is an extra step that the ErectaStep team does to provide extra scratch resistance, and the ability to withstand fading in any outdoor or indoor setting.  These handrails stay bright yellow.
  • The Metal Work PlatformThe metal work platform is the epicenter of any ErectaStep Installation.  Like the stairs, the solid work platform has a built-in no-slip work surface that cleans with ease and contributes to an elevated worker's confidence.  Each metal work platform can be bolted to other platforms to create even more workspace. A single platform offers a full square yard of room to work in any position.that can be multiplied to meet any need.  The industrial metal platform is solid, stable and roomy.
  • The Guardrails - The industrial-grade heavy metal guardrails give your elevated platform unparalleled fall protection.  When on the platform, workers are surrounded by metal anti-fall, ANSII yellow safety rails, that are tall and bolted firmly to the platform.
  • The Ladders and Gates - Fixed Ladders and installable Swing Gates can be added to any ErectaStep system to create even more versatility.  Adding a swing gate to an ErectaStep or an ErectaStep mezzanine installation creates another layer of OSHA compliant safety.  Fixed Ladders can be bolted to the system for work areas where stairs won't fit.  Ladders and gates have the same quality of materials and commitment to worker safety.  The ladders are solid metal, with generous rung size and a built-in strength that meet all OSHA requirements.  The safety gates are easy to install, solid, and functional. SwingGates are built from the same material as the guardrails and handrails.

All ErectaStep systems are quality made, inspected, and ready to be shipped to your site today.

Speak with ErectaStep today to determine what kind of ErectaStep system will meet your companies needs.  ErectaStep is always committed to your worker's safety with no scrimping on quality materials, quality customer service, and a commitment to your company and your workers. Call ErectaStep today and see how easy it is to get and install an ErectaStep system.





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