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Used Oil Storage Tank Stair Installation

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Oil Storage Tank Stair
By Tracy Mikulec
Jun 14, 2024
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Used Oil Storage Tank Stair Installation at a railway facility in Nebraska

At this railway facility in Nebraska, two ErectaStep metal stair units have been installed to give workers access to a used oil storage tank. One stair unit provides workers OSHA-compliant access to the top of the storage tank and the other metal stair unit serves as a crossover stair, getting workers up and over the spill containment wall for the used oil storage tank.

ErectaStep's modular design enables quick installation without the need for custom fabrication. The prefabricated, bolt-together components ensure that these stairs are both durable and adaptable, easily configured to meet the specific needs of any industrial environment, including those with storage tank applications.

The use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum ensures long-lasting performance, making ErectaStep an ideal solution for demanding applications like those found in railway facilities. Whether accessing the top of a storage tank or crossing over containment walls, ErectaStep provides a reliable, safe, and efficient means to improve operational safety and functionality in any storage tank and tank farm environment.





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