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Rooftop Crossover Ladder

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Rooftop Crossover Ladder
By Ted Richardson
Nov 20, 2021
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ErectaStep Crossover Ladder Rooftop Installation

Prefabricated Crossover Ladders

ErectaStep's line of Crossover Ladders and industrial maintenance access stairs feature modular, lightweight metal components that are as easy to reconfigure as they are to assemble.

  • Time is Money! Fits your needs in a fraction of the time.
  • Modular Components Eliminate Custom Fabrication
  • Prefabricated Crossovers Bolt Together in a Snap
  • No Welding, Special Tools or Cranes needed
  • No Hot-Permits or Production Line Shut-Downs
  • Always OSHA Compliant Crossover Ladders and Stairs
  • Available in galvanized and powder-coated steel components

Installation only takes a few hours and requires little more than a wrench. That means no boom truck or heavy crane. Most installations take little more than a hand truck and two installers.

Easily Step Over Obstacles
Crossover Ladders and stairs provide a safe route over any obstacle or hazard. Creating a safe work environment for any employees or contractors accessing your roof or facility for maintenance and inspections.

Modular Design
The modular design of our custom crossover can easily adapt to any unforeseen obstacle or changes onsite, avoiding costly delays.

In Stock
ErectaStep's 5 component patent system is in stock and infinitely configurable. Eliminates custom fabrication costs, engineering and saves time.

OSHA Compliant Crossover Ladder
Our crossover ladders are designed to meet and exceed OSHA safety standards.

Advantages of Crossover Ladders

Crossover ladders can be a safe and effective way to get over obstacles. Crossovers protect both people getting over pipelines, air ducts, HVAC systems, or industrial equipment as well as the necessary devices themselves from accidental damage when moved too close by in an emergency situation.

Weather resistant and won't rust

Our industrial crossovers stairs provide durable, long-lasting stairs that can stand up to the elements. No matter what environment you're in—from dry and hot outdoors or cold indoors —our metal aluminum construction will protect our platform from corrosion for decades with no welding required!

Order Today, Install Tomorrow

Our industrial-grade crossover ladders and platforms are made with pre-engineered components that require no welding, saving you time and money. Your custom staircase can be delivered in a fraction of the time as welded solutions! And because these units don’t need any special tools or labor for assembly it also means quick set up as well – not to mention they adjust easily or can be repurposed.





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