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Embankment access stair installation at a power company

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embankment staircase install
By Gary Hendrix
Apr 04, 2024
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An ErectaStep installation scales a hillside, providing an OSHA-compliant access pathway at an East Coast tank farm without custom fabrication and utilizing in-stock modular components.

The project profile details the installation of an ErectaStep configured as an embankment staircase at the East Coast Power Company in Asheville, NC. The company required a durable and safe solution to replace a deteriorating wooden staircase that connected parking lots across a steep, sloping terrain. The installation was facilitated by an industrial supply chain service provider and ErectaStep distributor, utilizing ErectaStep’s modular design and digital configurator for on-site design adaptation. The new staircase, made from standard, in-stock components, was quickly installed without the need for extensive engineering or fabrication. It offers significant improvements over the previous structure, including a 20-30 year lifespan, zero maintenance requirements, and enhanced safety features to prevent slipping. This solution exemplifies the flexibility and effectiveness of ErectaStep’s prefabricated stair systems in meeting industrial access needs efficiently and safely.

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