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Pipe Crossover Platform and Stairs with Handrails

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Metal Pipe Crossover Stairs With Handrails
By Brian Cox
Jul 17, 2019
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Pipe Crossover Platform

The installed ErectaStep system provides a safe pipe crossover platform for workers who need to crossover. This OSHA compliant pipe crossover platform installation is in an unloading/loading facility in a railcar area.

The installed ErectaStep pipe crossover system provides a safe crossover for workers who need to crossover two horizontal pipes and a concrete wall. ErectaStep is an elegant solution for this tricky pipe crossover problem.

Easy to Install Prefabricated Concrete Pads

The prefabricated concrete slabs are laid down using a standard skidder and then leveled off using just a shovel and a level.

There was no need to mix, pour, shape, and then set a load of concrete. The prefab slabs are dropped, leveled, and ready to go in a short amount of time.

The ErectaStep base and stairs bolt to the pads providing stability, rigidity, and confidence for crossing workers.

Why ErectaStep for pipe crossovers?

ErectaStep crossover systems are in place all over the world in railyards, fuel depots, tank farms, and port loading/unloading facilities. Wherever horizontal ground level pipes are in use, the ErectaStep system provides OSHA compliant crossover solutions. Leading companies have learned the benefits of using ErectaStep to install safety peace of mind.

The Stairs

The stairs in all ErectaStep solutions are OSHA compliant right out of the box. ErectaStep engineered the stairs to meet all the length, depth, and weight-bearing requirements that OSHA demands. The industrial metal stairs have a diamond no-slip pattern that practically grips a workers shoe as they go up or down the staircase. These stairs weather the elements and are easy to clean as needed.

The Handrails

The yellow safety handrails bolt to the staircase. Don't be fooled by prefabricated stairs that have a "tongue and groove handrail" set up. Those rails are not as secure as they could be. The Erectastep handrails bolt in place, giving your workers with all their heavy tools a robust and safe pipe crossover point. The difference with the ErectaStep System is due to quality materials, engineering, and versatility.

The Crossover Platform

Excellent materials and engineering continue with the crossover platform. The non-slip surface and industrial strength of the crossover platform set it apart from the run of the mill prefabricated crossover platforms.

Once again, superior engineering, high-quality materials, and ease of installation provide the best solution for pipe crossovers.

The Fall Protection Guardrails.

The ANSII yellow OSHA compliant guardrails offer your workers reliable fall protection. Look at the height of the bars. Once again, ErectaStep has applied superior engineering and created a solution that is in your benefit. The height, weight, and load-bearing ability of these bolted guardrails keep your workers safe.

The Materials

ErectaStep components are made from solid industrial grade aluminum. The parts are made to be strong and to withstand the harsh conditions in outdoor industrial settings. Each engineered ErectaStep part is OSHA compliant. The vibrant ANSII yellow guardrails and handrails are powder-coated instead of being thinly painted. ErectaStep wants your system to look great for many years and powder coating the finish is a no shortcut quality approach.

Getting ErectaStep

If you need a new pipe crossover or if you need to replace an older one, Installing an ErectaStep pipe crossover is a proactive smart choice. Taking your railyard workers safety into consideration at all times is part of what you get with an ErectaStep solution. The peace of mind that quality engineering and quality materials bring to a facility is worth it.





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