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Metal Work Platform With Hand Rails

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Metal Work Platform With Hand Rails
By Gary Hendrix
Jul 17, 2019
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Metal Stairs and Metal Work Platform used for Safe Maintenance.

Erectastep can customize metal fleet vehicle work platforms for any industry. With the Erectastep System, your company can configure a stable OSHA-compliant platform for any size vehicle. Your employees are elevated, to the perfect level that your fleet requires. We have designed and implemented service and loading platforms for aircraft, marine vehicles, trains, trucks, flatbed trailers, and cars.

Safe top loading and unloading with or without installed safety cages from an ErectaStep metal stairs and platform system offer worker security, OSHA compliance, and peace of mind. Use our expertise to help you build the perfect system to meet the dimensions of any fleet vehicle.

The reliable Erectastep components can be put together in any size, height, or length that you need, and can be reconfigured as fleet vehicles are updated to new sizes.

Multi-levels can be added to a platform to address different work areas on a single-vehicle offering the ability to service a vehicle by multiple personnel at the same time.

The platforms can be configured to handle variable weight loads that equipment and multiple workers can add.

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