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Electrical Substation Access Platform Installation

Categories:  Industrial Stairs  Energy  Equipment Access  Maintenance Platforms  

By Victor Tracy
Apr 29, 2024
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ErectaStep's modular access platform at an LNG facility for maintenance access to a mobile electrical substation. Designed for industrial use, this OSHA-compliant platform maintaining and servicing energy infrastructure equipment.

At an LNG facility, ErectaStep stair access platforms are essential for maintaining and servicing electrical substations. These substations often contain transformers, switchgear, and electrical controls housed within sizable green metal enclosures. ErectaStep's stairs facilitate technician access for essential maintenance tasks.

Constructed from industrial-grade aluminum, ErectaStep platforms meet OSHA standards. The modular design supports quick assembly and disassembly. The durable build of these platforms ensures long-lasting stability and safety, providing a reliable workspace for tasks crucial to effective power regulation and distribution.





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