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Industrial Platforms And Ladders for Work Access

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By Park Rahaley
Jul 10, 2019
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Caribbean Utilities Installation in the Cayman Islands.

There are Industrial Platforms and Ladders, and there is the ErectaStep Industrial Ladder. This photo shows an ErectaStep Industrial Ladder that goes up to an ErectaStep work platform.

This Industrial Ladder is perfect for the amount of space it had to service. A set of safety stairs would not fit, so a ladder is an ideal solution.

ErectaStep Ladders bolt solidly to the ErectaStep platform. The heavy-duty tower supports keep the platform and the ladder stable, in place and ready to handle heavy loads.

ErectaStep Ladders come in eleven sizes and can bolt to any side of the ErectaStep platform. This one feature makes the installation of the ladder possible from any side of the platform.

Designing and installing an ErectaStep ladder system is easy. Ladders, platforms, stairs, and gates can be combined to reach any length or height. If you need to reach a height in stages, a combination of platforms and ladders can get a person anywhere.

Our ladders have OSHA compliance built into them. An industrial ladder used for work should distribute the load between the ladder and what supports it. Distributing weight to the base and platform ensures that workers can climb up and down with heavy loads in a confident manner.

There are no shortcuts taken with our ladders. The engineered aluminum is manufactured and inspected to meet the high standards that OSHA demands. The aluminum is durable, light, and powder-coated with an industrial yellow finish that looks great for many years.
Powdercoating is another quality step that sets ErectaStep apart from other ladders. The finish is smooth, not chipped, and it will hold its color for many years, even in an outdoor setting.

Don't be fooled by lower grade Industrial platforms and ladders. ErectaStep builds worker safety into each of our products, and we know that our ladders meet all the latest OSHA compliance requirements.

On your next safety walkthrough take a look at any existing ladders. Are they bolted to a wall? Are the bolts still holding the ladder secure, or do they jiggle? If they shake even just a bit, then you have a potential safety hazard. (Ladders bolted to a wall do not distribute the load to anything else except the wall.) Do any of the ladders you see have thin or not correctly spaced rungs? Have the ladders been painted so many times that they are slippery? The finish is the area where powder coating has a clear advantage over paint.

Let's add it all up. Quality materials, ease of installation, OSHA compliance, good looks, and reliability make ErectaStep the best possible ladder for your location.

All ErectaStep components are in stock and ready to ship. Speak with a design specialist today. They can guide you through our straightforward process.





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