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Work Platform for Valve Access with Metal Stairs

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Metal Stairs and Work Platform for Valve Access
By Dan Matz
Jul 17, 2019
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Custom Metal Stair and Work Platform System with Swing Gates for Pipe Line valve access.

Refineries, Fuel Tank Farms, Chemical Processing Plants, and any industrial setting that moves liquid can immediately benefit from the worker safety and OSHA compliance that the ErectaStep system offers. A work platform for valve access is an important piece in any safety plan.

Look at this ErectaStep system then evaluate what your company has in place.

Evaluation of the access points to Manual Shutoff Valves is a good practice.

Can a worker access the shutoff valve safely and rapidly?

If there are access platforms on the valve, are they rigid, and safe?

Are there safety gates and industrial-strength handrails on the access platform?

Is the ANSII yellow paint vibrant and easy to see?

Does the current plant offer state of the art fall protection and instant OSHA compliance?

Installed platforms near shutoff valves should be safe, rigid, clean, and have a vibrant yellow hue. Are the current crossovers older and in need of repair or replacement? ErectaStep offers the safety and OSHA compliance that your plant needs. It's easy to design and install an access platform with a safety gate. The five essential components of the ErectaStep system bolt together quickly and can be expanded to meet any height, length, or dimension that your shutoff valve needs.

The finished ErectaStep platform takes a few hours to put in place. Bolting the industrial-strength components together is a snap. As you can see in this photo, the finished product is beautiful, safe, and OSHA compliant.
The strength of each component adds up to a solid finished product.

The stair treads are stable and meet the safety requirements for depth, length, and weight-bearing ability. The diamond no-slip pattern on each step offers safety in any environment. Keeping the stairs clean is easy, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

The industrial-grade aluminum handrails, guardrails and safety gates bolt to the frame to offer solid easy to grab fall protection. The installed quality of these elements set the ErectaStep system apart from any other platform that is prefabricated.

The platform is stable, nonslip, and roomy for your workers.

ErectaStep is the instant solution for any plant that needs to offer safe access to a shutoff valve.





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