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Rollastep MP for Flatbed Tarping

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Flatbed fall protection platform
By Mark Reed
Apr 22, 2024
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52′ RollaStep MP Series installation for tarping a flatbed truck trailer.

Customer Overview: Enhancing Safety in Logistics

In the fast-paced logistics and material handling sector, the safety of operators involved in loading and tarping flatbed trailers is paramount. A leading manufacturer in the steel industry, known for producing high-quality steel pipes and tubes, is dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards. To improve the safety conditions for truck operators during the loading and tarping processes, the company sought a reliable and effective solution.

The Challenge: Ensuring Safety During Tarping Operations

The main safety challenge faced by the company was to secure the safety of operators who load steel pipes and tubes onto flatbed trailers and cover them with tarps. This process is essential to protect the steel from environmental elements during transport but poses significant risks due to working at heights and over potentially unstable loads. The company needed a solution that would comply with OSHA’s regulations for working at heights above four feet and offer effective fall protection.

The Solution: RollaStep MP Mobile Platform

The RollaStep MP Mobile Platform provided the ideal answer to the company’s needs. Two 52-foot units of this versatile mobile platform were chosen for their compliance with OSHA standards and their ease of use. Constructed from industrial-grade aluminum, these platforms are lightweight yet sturdy, enabling easy maneuverability to align perfectly with the flatbed trailers. Equipped with comprehensive fall protection features, the RollaStep MP ensures maximum safety for operators during the tarping operations.

Implementation and Impact

Upon implementing the RollaStep MP platforms, the company received immediate positive feedback from their truck operators. The platforms were lauded for significantly enhancing both safety and operational efficiency. This led to a reduction in the risks associated with loading and tarping operations, thereby boosting workplace safety and employee morale.

Conclusion: Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

The integration of the RollaStep MP Mobile Platforms at a leading manufacturer of steel pipes and tubes underscores the critical role of innovative safety solutions in industrial settings. This initiative exemplifies how targeted safety measures can profoundly enhance working conditions in industries such as modular construction, where daily tasks involve handling heavy materials. The RollaStep MP stands as a testament to the company's dedication to ensuring the safety and operational excellence of its workforce in challenging environments.





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