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Crossover Metal Stairs at the Campbell Soup Company Rooftop

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Rooftop View of Metal Stairs for Roof Access
By Nate Frank
Sep 27, 2018
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A View from the Rooftop - Crossover Metal Stairs for Access at the Campbell Soup Company Building

Tough weather elements and severe environment hassle Northwest Ohio, where the Campbell Soup Company project locality is established. Conformity to the OSHA guidelines is their prime concern because Campbell is adamant about worker safety in their premises. Erectastep arrived at their redemption with their well-built metal stairs system. These do not only require zero-maintenance, but Erectastep work stairs and platforms can make it through rain, snow, and ice as it is armed with impressive traction and treads that are slip-resistant to safeguard operators from untimely accidents when they run through their equipment.





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