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OSHA Crossover Stairs With a Ladder and Swing Gate

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Metal Stair For Cook Station
By Mark Reed
Jul 23, 2019
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Custom Metal Stairs With Swing Gate Installation

This photo shows a simple ErectaStep system in place, used to crossover a ground-level pipe. A worker needs to get over at that spot to access a manual flow control valve. This installation shows OSHA Crossover Stairs with a ladder.

Look closely. This installation is an elegant solution to an unseen problem that most people would not see. A brilliant Safety Manager realized that this crossover needed an extra element. Look again. The space for the crossover does not have enough room for a set of stairs for the side nearest the valve. It was easy enough to substitute an ErectaStep ladder instead of having far side stairs. But look closer. This Safety Director realized the platform went to a ladder. The situation created a potential for a worker to walk over the edge and fall. A standard ErectaStep Swing gate was placed between the guardrails, so the fall potential was eliminated. Workers will go up the stairs, across the platform and then stop at the gate before proceeding down the ladder. Great Safety foresight!

The benefits of instant OSHA compliance with Erectastep cannot be stressed enough. Crossovers are a point of potential injury for workers who are not paying attention. Having an ample amount of reliable crossovers in a manufacturing plant, tank farm, refinery, or power plant is a smart, proactive investment against workplace injury.

ErectaStep is the crossover system that is versatile enough to help your employees get over any obstacle.

What You Get!

Each of the five ErectaStep components is made from high-grade industrial strength aluminum.

Bolted together in any combination the components form a rigid, stable crossover.

The stair treads meet the OSHA standards for length, depth, and weight-bearing ability.

Two or three workers can assemble and install a simple crossover in a matter of hours.

Because ErectaStep is versatile, there is no height or width a platform cannot reach. You design and bolt together as many components as you need to customize to your work area. Larger installations take longer to place.

The guardrails, handrails, and gates and ladders are made from the stable, industrial grade aluminum that creates state of the art fall protection.

The guardrails, handrails, and gates are all finished in a powder-coated ANSII safety yellow that holds its beautiful finish for years. It stands up to abuse, fading, and weather elements. We want your crossover to look great for many years.
The crossover platform has slip and fall protection built into it.

The stair treads have a diamond pattern no-slip finish. They are easy to keep clean in any season.

In so many cases like in this photograph, ErectaStep is the versatile answer to add OSHA compliance, worker safety, and peace of mind.





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