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Work Platform For HVAC

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Work Platform For HVAC On A Rooftop
By Mark Reed
Aug 25, 2018
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An easy to install custom work platform for HVAC

HVAC units are a source of constant traffic. Just about every HVAC system requires a lot of attention. A work platform for HVAC units is needed because repairs and general maintenance are frequent events that create nothing but back and forth traffic for your workers and HVAC contractors. If your HVAC unit is on the roof, then you have to consider adding fall protection and other safety elements into the mix.

Rooftop Work Can Be Dangerous, But It Does Not Have To Be?

If you look at this image, you can see why the addition of an elevated work platform was necessary to allow workers to access the inner elements of this HVAC unit. There are multi roof levels to address that needed an installed ErectaStep stair system as well as a worker's platform and all of the fall protection elements.

This Company Needed Rooftop Safety That Included Fall Control.

This easily installed solution adds these features and benefits for your company and HVAC contractors...

- Safe Access to other roof levels
- An unobstructed Crossover from the edge of one roof to a work platform
- A work platform with large amounts of space for workers and their heavy equipment.
- The best Fall Control elements in the business. (guardrails, handrails, and non-slip surfaces)

Anytime someone needs to access a building rooftop, OSHA approved fall control should be in place. OSHA determined once again that the number one source of workplace injury and lost time is falls. The roof and in particular, access to rooftop HVAC units should never use a fixed "one size fits all system." Hacking something together is a shortcut that does not offer the all-weather fall protection that the ErectaStep system can give you.

The Benefits For Your Company Are Huge

The components of the ErectaStep system are what gives it the strength, durability, weather resistance, and fall protection. We have created a great product.

- Every component is engineered and manufactured in the USA.
- Strength and durability require solid metal components. ErectaStep uses industrial-grade metal to craft strength and OSHA compliance right out of the box.
- The platforms and stairs have a "stamped in" non-slip surface. There is no sticky tape or gritty sandpaper that wears down in a day or two.
- The handrails and guardrails are tall, bright yellow, and strong. They have that yellow finish baked right onto the metal. (Powder Coated) This "no shortcut" step creates a longer-lasting product that can withstand the elements better than a simple coat of paint. You can feel the difference when you grip a handrail or guardrail

The solution you see in place in this photo was designed using ErectaStep's configurator tool. It takes only a few minutes to create a solution that is unique to your companies requirements. Systems with all the components you need can be shipped the next day. It's easy to get the ball rolling.

Is it Easy To Install? - Yes!

Installing a system in most cases takes a few workers hours. (not days) And if there is an interruption to workflow, it is minimal. There are no special tools or equipment required, and all of the components can fit on a simple hand truck. ErectaStep gives your company robust instant solutions for work areas that need safe, OSHA compliant, access. Erectastep makes sense.

Calling ErectaStep today to get the ball rolling on your stair and platform solution is easy. We have guided thousands of other customers who have opted to give their workers exceptional safety solutions. Keeping your workers and contractors safe when they are on your roof is a priority for us. Call ErectaStep today and see how easy it is to design and install a system that is perfect for your company.





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