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ErectaStep’s Pipeline Valve Access Metal Platform

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ErectaStep's Pipeline Valve Access Metal Platform
By Nate Frank
Jul 27, 2019
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This is the final stages of an ErectaStep metal stair platforms at a terminal station at a location in the Permian Basin

This is an installation in progress where SafeRack ships the ErectaStep equipment and precast concrete pads to a team of expert installers ready on location. With the precast concrete pads delivered to the site, installation time and logistics are significantly reduced.

Precast Concrete Pads

The use of precast concrete pads with ErectaStep super-fast installations. Field fit with no special tools – Once in place, installs with a shovel, tape measure, and a level
Requires shallower or no digs than poured pads and can eliminate dig approvals
Shaves days and weeks off installations

ErectaStep’s experience building metal stairs and work platforms goes back over 20 years. Leading the industry when it comes to design and innovation for all types of prefabricated metal stair kits as well as custom solutions that bolt together on location with no custom tools or equipment. ErectaStep Metal Stairs is a valued provider in a variety of industries, from petrochemical to manufacturing and commercial. All the metal stairs are lightweight durable aluminum that’s pre-engineered and pre-manufactured. Stair kits have a durable powder-coated handrail and built using advanced laser-cutting technology with patent-pending designs, offering superior quality and durability.





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