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Waste Water Tank Access Stair at a Midstream Facility

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By Nate Frank
Apr 29, 2024
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ErectaStep stair system installation accessing a waster water tank at a midstream facility

Previously, access to the tank was gained via a vertical ladder and hatch, which presented considerable safety risks, particularly when workers needed to transport water testing equipment. In contrast, the ErectaStep system is designed with comprehensive safety features, including handrails that surround the tank's perimeter, greatly minimizing the risk of falls.

A key advantage of the ErectaStep system is its modular design. The system is assembled on-site by connecting pre-made components, which simplifies installation and allows for flexibility in configuration. Additionally, the availability of parts ensures that safety upgrades can be implemented promptly.

The installation of the ErectaStep system offers significant improvements in both safety and operational efficiency, proving to be an essential enhancement for any facility focused on maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational performance.





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