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ErectaStep Crossover Metal Stairs

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ErectaStep Crossover Metal Stairs
By Scott Sullivan
Aug 05, 2019
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2 Step Metal Crossover Stairs

Install an instant OSHA compliant crossover in any location you need it. Fuel tank farms, refineries, and other industrial sites are covered with ground-level pipes and electrical conduits. OSHA mandates that ample crossover points be installed to reduce the occurrence of injuries due to trips, slips, and falls.

The ErectaStep system is the perfect solution for an easy to install, high quality, crossover point.

OSHA compliant components create OSHA compliant crossovers. Right out of the box.

Each stair complies with OSHA regulations, for length, depth, and weight-bearing requirements.

The American made guardrails, handrails, and platforms are industrial grade aluminum. You can feel the difference that the ErectaStep system offers. When bolted together, the components create a platform that is solid underfoot. The handrails, guardrails, and gates provide state of the art, rigid fall protection that produces a high-quality, safe crossover point.

ErectaStep components are easy to install and in most cases can be bolted together and put in place by two workers in hours.

Whether in a remote location or a plant, the ErectaStep system is perfect for crossovers. mlee





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