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Work Platforms With Metal Safety Ladder and Safety Gate

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Metal Work Platform With Ladder Swing Gate
By Dan Matz
Aug 23, 2019
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Work Platform With Metal Safety Ladder

Tennessee Valley Authority needed a reliable, OSHA compliant, custom work platform for a tricky installment. Naturally, TVA called SafeRack Construction Services for guidance about a collaborative custom solution.

Custom Work Platforms can go anywhere.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see why TVA needed a custom installation. The platform had to provide smooth, safe access to upper-level flow control valves while allowing rapid access to the pipes below the platform.

TVA and SafeRack determined that a perfect combination of height and headroom was needed to keep TVA workers comfortable and safe in this unique dual-level setting.

SafeRack took the height and length dimensions of the site and factored in the special requirements that the installation would require.

The solution for this TVA power plant was a custom ErectaStep work platform with an industrial-grade access ladder attached to the side. SafeRack Construction Services worked with TVA onsite to learn the nuances of this application and to install the platform to OSHA grade compliance specifications. SafeRack Construction services tweaked and modified the platforming system until it met what TVA had envisioned.

The commitment to excellence is one of the things that sets Saferack apart from competitors. In so many cases, an off the shelf product is not going to adapt to a worksite perfectly. A customizable, adaptable system like ErectaStep is the way to go when you need OSHA compliance, durable materials, and peace of mind.

ErectaStep components are American made using solid industrial grade aluminum. They are the building blocks of any ErectaStep solution.

OSHA Compliant Work Platform Tower Supports
-Come in 11 different sizes.
OSHA Compliant Safety Ladders
-ANSI yellow powder coating for added visibility and durability -Laser technology reduces weld points
OSHA Compliant Work Platforms
-Lightweight, yet durable design for easy installation.
Fall Protection Handrails and Guardrails
-Bolt to the Bottom of Any ErectaStep Platform (Bolted - Not tongue and grooved)
OSHA Compliant Safety Gate
-State Of The Art Fall Protection

Both TVA and Saferack demonstrated firm commitments to worker safety and well being. Installing OSHA compliant, high-quality materials that look good, provide security, with cost-effective durability makes good sense and a decision that will give you peace of mind.





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