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Public transportation maintenance platform

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Transportation Maintenance Platform
By Tracy Mikulec
Jun 18, 2024
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Bay Area Public Transportation Maintenance Platform Installation

A large public transportation authority in the San Francisco Bay Area needed to replace their existing stair units used and access and maintain their vehicles.

Because their existing access platforms were cumbersome and required manual relocation by maintenance staff, creating inefficiencies and safety concerns.


The new solution needed to ensure easy and safe access to passenger train cars for maintenance crews. The transportation authority selected ErectaStep's modular access solution. This product, available off-the-shelf with no need for customization, provided immediate installation and flexibility to adapt to future requirements. ErectaStep’s patented design offers the unique advantage of being reconfigurable without additional parts or custom fabrication.


An interesting aspect of this project was the mid-implementation change in personnel. The supervisor who initially ordered the system was transferred before installation, and his replacement required a different configuration. The new supervisor, benefiting from ErectaStep's modular design, reconfigured the components to their specification without needing extra parts. This adaptability underscores ErectaStep’s superiority over competitors and custom-fabricated solutions.


The reconfigured ErectaStep system met all safety and efficiency goals. The straightforward installation process, guided by the comprehensive manual, required only basic tools. The maintenance crew now enjoys significantly improved safety and operational efficiency. The modular nature of the ErectaStep system ensures it can be reconfigured as needed to meet changing requirements.


The ErectaStep installation at the San Francisco Bay Area public transportation facility highlights the product’s flexibility and adaptability. It demonstrates the system's value in enhancing operational safety and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for the public transportation industry.





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