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Heater Treater Access Platform

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Heater treater platform
By Tracy Mikulec
Jun 25, 2024
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A maintenance work platform and stair that gives workers access to an horizontal heater treater in an oil and gas facility.

This ErectaStep installation, sold and installed by one of our valued distributors, successfully implemented a modular stair and access platform system for workers to maintain and inspect a horizontal heater treater in an oil and gas facility. This installation not only provides safe and easy access for maintenance workers but it also is configured with standard components that bolt together, eliminating the need for custom fabrication or welding

Project Highlights

  • Modular Design: Utilized standard ErectaStep components that easily bolted together without custom fabrication.
  • Quick Delivery: Standard components were in stock and shipped the next day.
  • Simple Site Preparation: Only required the pouring of concrete footers for the stair and platform.
  • Compliance: Fully OSHA compliant, ensuring a safe working environment.

The access platform surrounding the Heater Treater used prefabricated, modular aluminum components, including stairs, platforms, and handrails. These components bolt together seamlessly, creating a robust and adaptable access solution. The modular design allows for future adjustments or expansions without significant costs.

Heater Treater Explanation:
A Heater Treater is essential in the oil and gas industry for separating water and solids from crude oil before it is transported. It is a 3-phase separator vessel that uses heat and mechanical separation to treat oil-water emulsions.

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