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Advantages of Crossover Stairs in Flood Barrier Systems

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crossover ctairs positioned over tubular, quick-installing, water-filled flood barrier system
By Tom Reeves
Jun 13, 2022
Estimated 4 minute read

Flood Barriers with ErectaStep crossover stairs - Because ErectaStep is modular and bolts together, it's the only crossover on the market that practical for this application.

Floods can cause extensive damage to industrial facilities and properties, making a flood barrier system an essential flood protection solution. A flood barrier system is a physical barrier installed around a facility's or property's perimeter to protect against floodwaters. Various flood barrier systems are available, each designed to provide different levels of protection. For example, temporary barriers or aqua bags can be installed around the perimeter of a facility to protect against floodwaters during a flood event. Permanent barriers are typically used in locations where flooding is a regular occurrence. In addition, flood barrier systems can be customized to meet a facility's or property's specific needs. For example, some flood barrier systems are designed to allow for the passage of vehicles and pedestrians, while others are designed to completely block out floodwaters. Whichever type of flood barrier system you choose, it is important to ensure that it is properly installed and maintained to provide effective flood protection.

When floodwaters come rushing in, you need a reliable way to prevent them from causing damage to company properties. Traditional sandbags are often used for this purpose, but they can be time-consuming to set up. Fortunately, several flood barrier systems are available that are affordable and easy to use. These systems typically consist of large tubes filled with water stacked on top of each other to create a barrier against the floodwaters. In many cases, these systems can be set up quickly without needing specialized equipment, making them ideal for emergencies.

Getting to the other side of the flood barrier system is another problem, especially if flood waters splash tall enough that a regular person simply cannot climb over these barriers. That's where metal crossover stairs can come in handy. You can use a mobile access unit to move or position these crossovers around.

Aluminum stairs are an excellent choice for flood barrier systems. Since aluminum is resistant to rust, it will not be damaged by floodwaters. Additionally, metal stairs are sturdy, can support heavy loads, and won't easily succumb to dirty floodwater. Crossover stairs also have handrails and guardrails to keep people safe as they cross to the other side. Most of all, these are built as modular so that you do not have to worry when replacing worn-out stair parts. These features make aluminum crossover stairs the ideal choice for flood barrier systems.

So what are the advantages of having a flood barrier system?

  • Flood barriers safeguard a specific region from the destructive effects of water damage without drastically altering the building they shield.
  • The emotional anguish, financial, and physical toll of floods can be mitigated, in part, by the installation of flood barriers.
  • By preventing water from entering a space, flood barriers ensure that any infrastructure or expensive equipment inside that zone is secure from the effects of rising water levels.
  • It may be cheaper and less time-consuming to create a flood barrier than to rebuild, relocate, or elevate your entire facility.
  • Flood barriers are easily set up and taken down from commercial buildings, and they may be repeatedly employed to provide long-term coverage whenever a flood comes.

Think about investing in the most dependable strategy to shield your business from future flood disasters. Here at Erectastep, we understand that metal stairs are a critical part of any flood barrier system. That's why we offer a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. We also have a team of experts who are ready to assist you with any questions you may have. And, because we know that every project is unique, we offer custom metal stairs designed to meet your specific requirements. So if you're looking for the perfect metal stairs for your flood barrier system, look no further than Erectastep!





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