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Rooftop crossover to access Evapco cooling tower

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Rooftop crossover cooling tower
By Gary Hendrix
Nov 20, 2021
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Rooftop crossover to access and maintain a cooling tower

This image clearly shows the advantage that the ErectaStep roof Access stairs give your company. The versatility of our modular platform system allows our reliable stairs to adjust to different directions in tight spaces. OSHA regulations require a landing for every 12 feet of height on a staircase. The ErectaStep system allows your company to stay in OSHA compliance.

Rooftop Access is necessary so workers can get to HVAC Suites, Elevator Housings, and Solar Panel Installations.

The Handrails bolt to the stairs! -The steps with handrails are the starting point for workers on their way to the rooftop. The ErectaStep, OSHA compliant handrails bolt to the staircase, giving a worker a safety element that holds firm. No wobbles. A worker can pull and push as they go up with heavy tools and equipment.

The stairs are incredible! - The solid metal stairs meet all of the latest OSHA requirements for width, depth, and weight-bearing ability. Each stair bolts to the case giving a worker the reliable support they need, right where they need it most. You will feel the difference that our built-in shoe gripping diamond tread provides. The ErectaStep difference develops worker confidence and "safety peace of mind."

The safety stair platform.- The stair platforms are the epicenter of every ErectaStep installation. Each ErectaStep platform provides the opportunity for stair direction to change to any different direction thanks to the built-in ability to bolt stairs to any side of the platform. Tight spaces are no obstacle with an ErectaStep modular stair system. Each platform is solid metal with a built-in metal grating that grips shoes and provides generous space to turn and move to the next level.

The safety guardrails - The safety guardrails are tall and robust. The stair guardrails bolt to the safety stair platform. The safety rails keep your workers safe as they move up to the next level. Each ErectaStep guardrail has an extra step powder-coated finish that keeps the ANSII yellow color vibrant for years despite poundings from the outdoor elements.

An ErectaStep system like the one in this photo is the best answer for any rooftop situation.

The checklist to consider is.

  • Strength
  • Versatlity
  • OSHA Complance
  • Easy Installation
  • Ready To Ship

Call ErectaStep today and allow us to be your roofing consultant. An ErectaStep system can get your workers and contractors safely to any rooftop.





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