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Erectastep stairs with concrete form kits

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ErectaStep valve access stairs with F1 form kit footer
By Brian Cox
Mar 11, 2022
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ErectaStep valve access stairs with F1 form kit footer

Great for remote locations or tank farms with high concrete containment berms where getting equipment inside of the berms can be difficult.

  • Form size is engineered to meet OSHA requirements for stair landing and meets structural stability requirements for up to a 6 step ErectaStep system.
  • Allows for zero penetration installation (rooftop installations require rooftop installation tray priced separately)
  • Flat-packed for shipment
  • Ease & quick assembly of the form. Assembles in under 10 minutes from start to ready to pour. Customer to supply concrete.
  • Kit includes everything for a foundation form including anchor bolts
  • Finish height is equal to the standard ErectaStep stair tread raise 9”
  • Design Criteria (Foundation Only): 50psf live load / 20psf snow load / 115mph wind load





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