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Best Crossover Platform in A Railroad Setting

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Erectastep 5-Step crossover stairs over railroad Spill Berm
By Nate Frank
Aug 09, 2017
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This is an installation of Erectastep 5-Step industrial metal crossover stairs providing OSHA compliant access across a railroad spill berm

The need for the safety of workers is magnified anytime moving railroad cars are part of the picture. The need for having the best crossover platforms cannot be understated.

Loading and Unloading operations, moving tank cars, and yard obstacles all create a loud environment that is continuously moving.

As workers cross obstacles to get to where they need to be, they should not be concerned with subpar construction of crossover materials. Shaky handrails, thin stairs, and small ladder rungs are a safety compromise.

The ErectaStep system is modular. The 5 core pieces bolt together to complete reliable OSHA compliant crossovers, that will serve your company for years and always look great. The pieces can be configured to meet any crossover size and height you need. There is no obstacle that ErectaStep cannot overcome with ease and style.

Once the system is in place, your employees will feel the difference as they cross berms, exposed pipes, and electrical conduits with confidence and safety. The installed fall control elements are durable, solid high-grade industrial aluminum that sticks firmly in place and handles the load.

Installment is quick, and in most cases, two people can complete the job in hours and with just a few tools.

The rigid industrial aluminum components give your company the OSHA compliance you need right out of the box.

Your companies next Safety Audit should include a hard look at existing crossovers and areas where OSHA compliance could be enhanced. Are the current crossovers built with quality? Is the paint faded, or has it been repainted many times?

ErectaStep solves problems and adds safety peace of mind, OSHA compliance, and style. There is no industrial metal ladder or stair system on the market that is as easy to install and customizes to your unique placements.

Choosing the ErectaStep system for your company adds safety benefits that offer peace of mind. mlee





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