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OSHA Compliant Aluminum Crossover

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Marine Dock 2 step pipe crossover
By Scott Sullivan
Aug 16, 2017
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2 Step crossover stair, Pipe crossover on marine dock

Erectastep's OSHA compliant aluminum crossover platforms are versatile and can be used in any corrosive environment such as marine docks.

The elements are punishing to anything made of metal on the waterfront. Saltwater, corrosive chemicals, and constant use can take a toll on the most durable steels. Mandates, however,are mandates and OSHA requires that ample crossover points are available on things like horizontal piping.

What sets ErectaStep apart from all the others is ease of installation, instant OSHA compliance right out of the box, and extremely durable materials that stand up to the elements and look good for years.

The ease of installation comes down to the five components that are the backbone of any crossover. You can mix and match the elements to create a crossover platform of any width, height, or length. Everything bolts together, exactly how and where you need it to be. ErectaStep requires a wrench for tightening bolts, and in most cases, two workers can assemble and place an OSHA compliant crossover in a matter of hours.

The complete OSHA compliance of the individual components equals an OSHA compliant crossover.

Industrial Grade Aluminum components are galvanized and painted to fight the harsh elements.
The handrails, guardrails, and gates are powder-coated in ANSII yellow that stays vibrant for years. The heavy aluminum of these elements provides reliable fall protection.

The sturdy stair treads meet the OSHA requirements for depth, width, and weight-bearing ability. The rough diamond pattern on each step is non-slip and easy to clean in any condition.

The crossover platform itself has a non-slip surface. It feels reliable underfoot, and a worker feels confident as they cross.

ErectaStep is a natural choice for harsh environments. Materials that hold up, clean up, and look good for years all add up to a decision you and your workers can feel good about. ErectaStep provides proactive safety solutions that offer ease of installation and superior manufacturing and materials.





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