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Aluminum Crossover Platform Stairs for Solar Panels

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Solar Panel Rooftop Aluminum Work Platform for Maintenance
By Gary Hendrix
Aug 19, 2019
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Rooftop Aluminum Crossover Platform Stairs.

Erectastep aluminum crossover platform stairs used on this rooftop provide a crossover and a workspace. Workers can access solar panels from the platforms, and they can crossover all the solar elements of that system without stepping on them.

Installation of OSHA Compliant Crossover Stairs

Installing these Erectastep stairs were a snap! Each modular component is created to fit with the other. What this means is that platforms can be in any dimension that serves your needs. Any length width or height is possible with components that bolt together in an array that offers strength and OSHA compliance. Platforms like these install in a matter of hours and with minimum tools.

Crossover opportunities for your employees are an OSHA required strategy to lower the incidence level of trips and falls. Horizontal piping, production lines, and floor level duct lines are opportunities for crossover points. Proactive Safety Managers can spot these opportunities easily during a safety audit. Having ample crossovers in your plant is a safety winner.

The components of the ErectaStep system are all made of heavy-duty industrial-grade galvanized aluminum.

The Tower Supports - The solid tower supports come in multiple heights.

The Platforms - are solid OSHA compliant blocks of aluminum with non-slip surfaces built-in. Each platform is the epicenter of the system. Components can be attached to any side, making ErectaStep the most versatile crossover platform system on the market.

The Stairs - The ErectaStep stair treads are individual OSHA compliant marvels that bolt to the system. Bolting makes a solid staircase that is secure. Each step meets all the OSHA requirements for height, width, and depth. The non-slip surface on each step is easy to clean in any environment.

The Handrails and Guardrails - The ErectaStep handrails and guardrails bolt to the system in a no-nonsense way. Again, bolting is a reliable, safe "no shortcut" way to infuse safety into your plant or yard. Do not accept anything less for your employees. When an employee steps or crosses over, they feel strength underfoot, and they experience confident step ups and step downs.

That Yellow Color - The color on the guardrails, handrails, and gates meet all safety requirements for easy visibility. ANSI yellow coloring is baked onto the component using a no shortcut powder coating method. The finish offers a level of scratch resistance that a coat of paint cannot provide. The vibrant yellow and scratch resistance stands tall to any of the elements providing years of good looks.

What you get is the best Aluminum Crossover or Work Platform system on the market today. ErectaStep takes no shortcuts, and what you get with each system is solid reliability, ease of installation, OSHA compliance, durability, and good looks.





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