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Metal Stairs For Elevator Room

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Metal Stairs for Elevator Room
By Tom Reeves
Jul 11, 2019
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Elevator Electrical Room - Metal Stairs on rooftop installation in Myrtle Beach, SC

Application: The Cane Patch Condominium Access to Elevator Control Room

The ErectaStep system is perfect for this application. Durable metal stairs and ladders are resistant to corrosion because they are made of aluminum, perfect for outdoors where these metal components remain exposed to harsh environmental elements.

Elevator access is essential for so many reasons. Elevators need calibration; inspection and on occasion repairs. When repairs are required, heavy tools and equipment need to be brought up to the elevator room. Easy, safe, and convenient access to the control room is vital for the maintenance crew.

The ErectaStep system is perfect here because:

      When snapped together, the modular system creates a stairway that can handle the load weight of heavy equipment and constant access.
      The ErectaStep system components are solid industrial grade aluminum. Each part is stable and OSHA compliant right out of the box.
      In most cases, the assembly of an ErectaStep stairway like this takes less than a day. Two people can install an ErectaStep ladder or stair system with just a few tools.
      The ErectaStep system is the cost-effective, easy to install solution for stairway or ladder access to an elevator room.





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