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Roof Access Metal Stairs Installation Campbell

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Campbell Soup Metal Stairs for Roof Access Side View
By Tom Reeves
Jul 17, 2019
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Roof Access Metal Stairs

Can you see the quality of this ErectaStep installation for a building that needs multi-level roof access? If you are a Safety Manager or a Building Manager, I hope that you know quality when you see it. These Roof Access Metal Stairs are top of the line when it comes to quality, safety, and good looks.

It starts with the supports.

The braced tower supports are firm, tall, and securely bolted to the deck. The bracing for the tower and the supports are sturdy aluminum. They hold firm and don't move laterally. ErectaStep offers reliable support for an industrial-grade metal stairway and the people and tools that go up it. An off the shelf prefabricated stair set will not do in applications where heavy loads are part of the day.

Something to hold on to

Look at the handrails going up the stairs. These rails are solid aluminum that bolt to the stairs. ErectaStep offers reliable quality, even in the handrails. A worker with a heavy tool belt and a Home Depot bucket of tools can go up these stairs with room to spare and with confidence.

The Stairs

The stairs are top of the line. ErectaStep engineers thought a lot about OSHA, worker safety, and quality when they engineered the stair treads. The treads are broad, deep, and have a diamond pattern that practically grips a pair of shoes. Combine these stairs with the bolted in handrails and you begin to understand that ErectaStep takes the safety of your workers seriously.

The Platform

The platform affords a lot of generous no-slip real estate. The platform itself is non-skid and surrounded by a set of bolted guardrails that are part of the ErectaStep state of the art fall protection. The steadiness your worker's need starts at the bottom with the heavy tower supports and continue up the stairs to the platform.

Versatility is key

You design the system to any height and length you need, using the mix and match Erectastep components. You can add ladders, stairs, rails, and gates anywhere there is a need for robust fall protection.

The ErectaStep system is built to keep your workers safe, confident, and ready to work in any location.





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