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Erectastep temporary scaffolding replacement installation

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temporary scaffolding replacement
By Tracy Mikulec
May 07, 2024
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ErectaStep stair installation that replaced a temporary scaffolding at a Texas refinery.

An ErectaStep installation for a petrochemical refinery, where costly temporary scaffolding was replaced with our durable, permanent metal stair installations. Designed to enhance safety and reduce maintenance costs, this installation is an example of how ErectaStep's modular stair systems can transform industrial access points. The project, which resulted in over $18,000 in annual savings, highlights the efficiency of switching from temporary scaffolding to permanent stairs that pay for themselves in just two years. Ideal for facilities seeking to improve operational safety and cost-effectiveness, ErectaStep’s solutions offer reliability and compliance with industry standards. View the temporary scaffolding replacement project profile.





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