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Work Platform With Guardrails and Precast Concrete Pads

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Metal Work Platform With Guard Rails
By Tom Reeves
Jul 17, 2019
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Metal Work Platform with Guard Rails

This photo shows a beautiful example of an ErectaStep metal work platform with guardrails and precast concrete pads. The OSHA compliant work platform is installed to allow access to a manual shutoff valve. This example also shows the versatility of the Erecta Step System. It can be placed anywhere.

Precast Concrete Pads Can Be Installed Anywhere

With precast concrete slabs, you can place an ErectaStep system anywhere. Dropping the precast concrete pads in position is simple with a standard skidder. You will only need a shovel, and a level to install the pads.

-The Platform This photo of the platform speaks for itself. Note the ample walkaround space surrounding the valve. Note the non-skid surface of the deck.

-The Tower Supports The rigid tower supports under the platform are solid industrial grade aluminum that creates a very stable base for the platforms. Next, we see the guardrails.

-The Guardrails The massive aluminum guardrails bolt to the platform creating a state of the art fall protection island. The vibrant ANSII yellow guardrails also serve a dual purpose in this setting. Any driver should be able to see this out of the way valve and avoid an accidental impact with it.

-The OSHA Protection Each component is designed and manufactured to create instant OSHA compliance for slips, falls, and trips. Assembled and placed correctly that OSHA compliance continues. Any installed ladders meet the OSHA requirements for weight-bearing ability, rung size, and rigidity. Stairs are also stable, broad, and non-skid. They clean easily and can handle workers with heavy tools.

You Can't Lose With ErectaStep.

When you install an ErectaStep system, you are also installing peace of mind. The state of the art fall protection, the ability to expand the system, and the quality and good looks all equal a smart, proactive decision that will last for many years and look great. Where can ErectaStep help your company?





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