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ErectaStep Loading Dock Stairs – Before and After

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loading dock area stairs
By Brian Cox
Jul 29, 2017
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Replacing corroded stairs with ErectaStep's rust-resistant aluminum solutions, which deliver rapid installation and enhanced durability at a critical loading dock area.

Rust, a common issue in industrial environments, poses significant safety risks when it leads to equipment failure through oxidation, a process that deteriorates iron and its alloys. This was precisely the challenge faced by a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment when they discovered severe rust on the stairs connecting their delivery area to a shipping office. Recognizing the urgency for a safe, durable, and OSHA-compliant solution, they turned to ErectaStep, known for its pre-engineered aluminum stair solutions which inherently resist rust through a protective oxide barrier, enhancing their longevity and strength even in adverse conditions.

Impressed by the quick delivery and simple installation process—facilitated by readily available stock that ships on the same day—ErectaStep enabled the manufacturer to replace their compromised stairs efficiently, saving both time and resources. The success of this installation led to plans for further integration of ErectaStep products within the facility, capitalizing on the modular design of the system that offers easy reconfiguration and expansion to meet evolving business needs.

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