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Metal Ladder Work Platform for a shutoff valve.

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Metal Ladder Work Platform
By Nate Frank
Jul 19, 2019
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Metal Ladder Work Platform For Pipe Line

A Metal Ladder Work Platform Installation for Colonial Pipe Greensboro. Work Platforms with guardrails allow workers to safely access systems.


Tank Farms, Refineries, Power Companies, and any facility where there is fluid transfer all have manual shutoff valves. There are times when a pipe valve has to be accessed rapidly. Safe access and the ability to get at that shutoff valve with speed is critical. Look closely at this photo.

The in-place ErectaStep system services the first valve of four valves in a row. The other three pipes have a different product near them.

Look carefully at the access platform on the other three.

If you are a Safety Manager, then you can immediately spot the OSHA compliant, state of the art fall protection that the ErectaStep is offering the first valve.

A worker can step up with confidence, access the valve, and then move on to the next pipe. Please see the built-in rigidity that the ErectaStep system is providing for the first valve. The sturdy industrial-grade aluminum is braced and bolted together to support the platform. The platform features a non-slip surface and industrial grade aluminum guardrails that deliver a work surface that feels solid underfoot.

Configuring ErectaStep is easy.

Additional ladders, platforms, gates, and handrails can bolt to any existing ErectaStep platform system. This kind of versatility is part of the system, and it makes Erectastep a safety asset that grows with your company.

Flow control systems create safety barriers that a good Manager will look at for a proactive approach. ErectaStep is perfect for Shutoff Valve points; Crossover points near-horizontal pipes and elevated platforms. Keeping worker's injury-free is a yardstick that most Safety managers are evaluated on. How many days has your plant gone without losing time to an injury related to a slip, trip, or fall?

Consider the ErectaStep system to be a reliable safety partner wherever it gets installed. It will grow with your companies needs and look good for years.





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