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Custom Metal Production Line Crossover

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Crossover Platform for a production line
By Tom Reeves
Jul 10, 2019
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A Custom ErectaStep Crossover Platform Installation for Colgate

Why not install a custom metal production line crossover?

Safety Managers see it all the time. Workers that need to get from behind a production line to the other side will often hop over the production line or duck under it. It's a long way to walk around the line and time for lunch, or a break is short.

Hopping over and ducking under a line can cause an injury to a worker that could stop production for a significant amount of time.

Why not install an OSHA compliant crossover system tomorrow and solve the Hop and Duck situation in your jobsite?

Yes, it is that easy. It takes a few minutes for Saferack to design a crossover system to meet your exact needs and a few seconds more to get an affordable price quote. After that, your system will ship, and you can have it on-site as early as the next-day depending on what time you order.

But What About Installation?

Because the five ErectaStep components are modular, all the pieces bolt together. They create a rigid, well constructed OSHA compliant stair and platform system that will crossover any line you need. With the ErectaStep system, you get...

- Solid Industrial Grade metal components that are made in the USA.
- Ease of installation - You will need two workers, a hand truck, and a wrench.
- Instant OSHA Compliance - Because we engineered the components to meet OSHA requirements, your finished product is OSHA compliant.
- Good Looks. Our crossover systems look good on your site floor. The bright yellow guardrails and handrails are powder-coated so the yellow stays vivid for years.
- Configurability and Flexibility. If you change your line, the crossover system can be relocated, expanded, or reduced. This is a significant benefit of a modular system.

How Do I Get Started?

Call ErectaStep now and speak with a person who will ask you the right questions about what kind of work platform or crossover system you need. They will configure an order and give you a price quote right away. If you approve of your system, it will be shipped. It is that easy.

Call ErectaStep today to get your crossover system started. We will listen to you about your requirements and perhaps request a few images of your site, then we will configure an OSHA compliant crossover system that fits perfectly. Your workers will stop ducking and hopping production lines when you give them a safe, solid alternative. Call ErectaStep today!





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