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Access stairs for workers to remove debris from a stormwater catch basin

Categories:  Concrete Form Kit  Industrial Stairs  Embankment & Hillside  

By Gary Hendrix
Sep 25, 2020
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This ErectaStep installation accesses an open-top catch basin in Northern California. Draining stormwater from surface streets, city workers had to negotiate a rock slope and enter the water to maintain and clean the area.

Prior to this installation, workers accessed the area without the aid of a ladder or stair. Not only was the slope unstable, but workers also had to stand in waist-deep water with questionable footing. ErectaStep was a perfect solution for this area, not only because it didn't require custom fabrication, but because our stairs are made with rust-free aluminum components. Because the stairs may be submerged a majority of the year, our aggressive traction step surface enables workers to securely access the area free of slippery surfaces from algae buildup. During installation, city contractors cleared the base area to create a concrete landing pad in/near the water. Our precast concrete landing was used for the upper landing. Ready for the rainy winter and springs, city workers can now safely access the catch pipes for removing debris and pumping out water from the settling pond.





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