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Crossover stairs Texas

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Crossover stairs
By Dan Matz
Oct 19, 2021
Estimated 2 minute read

OSHA-compliant crossover stair and concrete footer pad installation at a midstream facility in Texas.

Prefabricated Industrial Metal Stairs and Access Platforms.

ErectaStep's line of industrial modular metal stairs and industrial maintenance access platforms feature modular, lightweight metal components that are as easy to reconfigure as they are to assemble. Many times, a crossover stair can be installed in a single day!

  • Time is Money! Fits your needs in a fraction of the time.
  • Modular Stairs Eliminate Custom Fabrication
  • Prefabricated Metal Stairs Bolts Together in a Snap
  • No Welding, Special Tools or Cranes needed
  • No Hot-Permits or Production Line Shut-Downs
  • Always OSHA Compliant Metal Stairs
  • Available in galvanized and powder-coated steel components

Installation only takes a few hours and requires little more than a wrench. That means no boom truck or heavy crane. Most installations take little more than a hand truck and two installers.

Stair Footers

Our form kits are convenient and include everything needed for stair footers and foundations, just add concrete.

Learn more about our stair footer forms.
Forms are in stock and ready to ship.

  • Easy & Quick. ¬†Form assembles and ready for concrete in 10 minutes. (concrete not included)
  • No digs and unlike traditional poured pads, can be surface mounted without dig approvals.
  • Non-penetrating and suitable for rooftop applications.
  • OSHA Compliant and meets structural stability requirements for up to a 6-step ErectaStep system.
  • In-Stock. Flat-packed and ready to ship.

ErectaStep Crossover Stairs with F1 form kit footer





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