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Elevated Valve Access Platform

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By Nate Frank
Apr 04, 2024
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ErectaStep's modular platform system was chosen for this challenging installation in an industrial facility in Edmonton, Canada. The objective was to provide safe and efficient access to a valve located at a height of about 16 feet. Given the tight space tolerances and the requirement for installation during the harsh Edmonton winter, the bolt-together design of ErectaStep's platforms offered a significant advantage over custom-fabricated solutions.

ErectaStep's innovative platform installation in Edmonton, Canada, showcases an exceptional blend of efficiency, safety, and durability amidst the challenging winter conditions. Leveraging modular design and rust-resistant materials, the solution provided vital access to a valve at a height of 16 feet, proving the adaptability and long-term value of ErectaStep's industrial access solutions. This project not only reflects ErectaStep's commitment to quality and sustainability but also its capability to overcome logistical hurdles with ease.

Discover the full story behind how ErectaStep tackled Edmonton's icy challenges and why its platforms are the choice for industrial facilities seeking reliable access solutions. Read the complete project profile for more insights and inspiration.





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