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Access Stairs for access chemical spill containment diked area

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Access Stairs diked spill containment area
By Brian Cox
Aug 18, 2023
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ErectaStep stairs were installed to provide workers with safe and convenient access to a diked spill containment area in a chemical facility.

Project Overview

The diked area, constructed by Industrial Flooring Services, is a designated spill containment zone designed to capture and contain potential chemical spills within the facility. This critical safety feature is built using Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), known for its durability and chemical resistance. To further enhance the resilience of this area, a chemical-resistant epoxy coating was applied inside the dike.

To ensure that workers could safely and easily access this vital spill containment area, an ErectaStep access stair and platform were installed.

Why ErectaStep?

Quality and Compliance

  • OSHA Compliance: ErectaStep’s entire line of stairs complies with the latest OSHA standard 1910.25.
  • IBC Compliance: IBC compliant options are available for public access, ensuring that the stairs meet stringent safety standards.

Innovation and Design

  • Modular Components: ErectaStep’s patented components bolt together, allowing for an access solution tailored to any application. The modular design can be configured to any need with only five different modular components.
  • Customization: For challenging installations, customized components can be mixed in to fit the project’s unique requirements.


  • Made in the USA: All ErectaStep products are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States.
  • Durable Powder-Coated Finish: The stairs are finished with a durable powder coating, which enhances their longevity and aesthetic appeal.


  • Ready to Ship: ErectaStep’s prefabricated modular stair components are in stock and ready to ship, ensuring that projects can proceed without delay.


In an industry where safety cannot be compromised, ErectaStep provides reliable, durable, and efficient solutions. The recent installation at the chemical facility is a testament to ErectaStep’s commitment to enhancing workplace safety and operational efficiency. With ErectaStep, workers can perform their tasks with the confidence that they are protected by a high-quality, compliant, and robust access solution, even in critical areas like spill containment dikes.

For more information on ErectaStep’s comprehensive range of products, visit ErectaStep.com.





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