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Semi Permanent Access Platforms

Better Than Renting For Longer Term Solutions.

Erectastep’s patented, bolt-together design uses 5 modular components to create unlimited stair and access configurations. Pre-engineered to meet or exceed OSHA’s standards, the typical design and installation process is reduced from weeks to often only a few days, with no need for costly, time-consuming engineering. Simply measure, configure, and assemble in minutes. Many of our customers configure the solution, place the order, and install the product, all within the same week.

  • No Periodic Inspections
  • Safer and Long Lasting
  • Fast Delivery and Setup

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Better Than Renting For Longer Term Solutions.

  • No Periodic Inspections
  • Safer and Long Lasting
  • Fast Delivery and Setup

Scaffolding Rental v.
Semi Permanent Access Platforms

  • Simple – No Need for Re-Certifications
  • Safe – Stronger, Safer and More Stable
  • Durable – Corrosion Resistant, Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Fast Delivery – In Stock, Unlimited Configurations
  • Better ROI – with Long Term Tax Advantages

Temporary or semi permanent scaffolding such as; single and double scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, trestle scaffolding, steel scaffolding, or bamboo and wood scaffolding is far inferior to ErectaStep modular platforms, stairs, and ladders.

Eliminate Scaffolding Rental Re-certifications.

Renting or leasing typical metal scaffolding for semi-permanent or longer term applications has many disadvantages and some are just downright UNSAFE if not installed correctly. Not the least of which is that scaffolding must be reinspected and re-certified on a regular basis. Sometimes creating timely delays and costly fines if not performed on time.

Because traditional metal scaffolding is meant for temporary access in construction or maintenance applications, it’s design is not fully suited for longer term applications. ErectaStep solves that problem, simply configure, install and forget about it.

Rolling Mobile Work Platform

Project Profile – RollaStep as a Scaffolding Alternative.

Replacing temporary scaffolding systems with an MP Series RollaStep saves $18,000 in the first year, improves maintenance efficiencies, and is OSHA-compliant for improved worker safety.

Project Profile

Project Profile – ErectaStep Replaces Temporary Scaffolding with Permanent Stairs at Refinery

ErectaStep installation at a petrochemical refinery, replacing expensive temporary scaffolding with durable, permanent metal stairs. Pays for itself in two years, saving $12,000 annually by replacing rental scaffolding.

Project Profile

Fast Scaffolding Replacement

ErectaStep can serve as an even better alternative to all types semi permanent to permanent scaffolding. Typically rental When going head-to-head it is difficult to see much of a battle between the two types of access platforms, but in many industrial, plant, or warehouse uses of scaffolding, ErectaStep variants can be more effective.

The Hazards and Downfalls of Scaffolding

  • More prone to corrosion, rust and decay
  • Cannot easily reach areas without having multiple support columns
  • Fastener joints can easily loosen or break
  • Large and unsafe gaps in handrails
  • Many components and pieces needed to build even a simple platform

“The hazards of working on them are as prevalent today as they were 20 years ago”


Using a combination of 5 components: Prefabricated Metal StairsMetal work PlatformsIndustrial HandrailsAluminum Ladders and Tower Support, our modular design is sturdy, requires no fabrication and quickly bolts together to provide metal stairs, crossovers and many other configurations for safe access over pipes, dike walls, or other obstructions. All our OSHA compliant work platforms and industrial metal stairs are precision manufactured, fully engineered with heavy gauge steel and aluminum. And as always – each component is fully stocked and ready to ship today!