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Project Profile – RollaStep as a Scaffolding Alternative.

Replacing temporary scaffolding systems with an MP Series RollaStep saves $18,000 in the first year, improves maintenance efficiencies and is OSHA compliant for improved worker safety.

Rolling Mobile Work Platform
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By Victor Tracy
Mar 24, 2024
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A large tire manufacturing plant had to regularly access their heat exchangers, equipment used to transfer heat between a solid object and a fluid or between two or more fluids. Workers needed a work platform to access these heat exchangers for maintenance every 4-6 weeks throughout the year. Each time, scaffolding was rented, and union contractors were brought in to set up and break down the units at an expense of $2,400. Additionally, you can see from the photos that the scaffolding was cumbersome, difficult to move from each heat exchanger, and wasn’t OSHA compliant.

ErectaStep did a site assessment and recommended a modified MP RollaStep to save money, reduce maintenance time and to improve worker safety. Our MP Series rolling work platform is designed to bring the workspace and stability of a fixed platform to a rolling stair mobile unit. ErectaStep was able to significantly reduce their cost and improve efficiency with an access platform that could be rolled from unit to unit. The ROI on the unit would be recognized 4 1/2 months, now saving over $18,000 in annual costs. 

ErectaStep’s work platforms bring a sturdy workspace platform to any environment. The standard RollaStep mobile stair unit is a 9′ x 3′ work platform and can securely and safely accommodate multiple operators with tools and parts.


ErectaStep v Scaffolding Whitepaper
ErectaStep v Scaffolding Whitepaper
The Benefits of Using ErectaStep Safe Access Solutions Over Scaffolding. Traditional scaffolding, wh

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Rolling Mobile Work Platform

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Scaffolding Rental vs. Semi-Permanent Access Platforms

Renting or leasing metal scaffolding for semi-permanent or long-term applications comes with numerous disadvantages, including significant safety risks if not installed correctly. Regular inspections and re-certifications are necessary and costly fines if not performed on time. ErectaStep and RollaStep provide a long-term alternative to traditional scaffolding systems. ErectaStep’s patented, bolt-together design employs five modular components to create unlimited stair and access configurations, pre-engineered to meet or exceed OSHA standards. This drastically reduces the typical design and installation process from weeks to mere days, without the need for costly engineering.

Victor has been a part of ErectaStep since 2022, collaborating with engineers, project managers, maintenance managers, environmental and health supervisors, architects, general contractors, and safety program managers. His role focuses on improving safety and enhancing efficiency for commercial and industrial businesses. Victor is dedicated to providing expert assistance in designing safe access solutions for both existing and new work areas.