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ErectaStep Replaces Temporary Scaffolding with Permanent Stairs at Refinery

Permanent stair installation pays for itself in two years, saving $12,000 annually by replacing rental scaffolding.

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By Gary Hendrix
May 07, 2024
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Permanent stair installation pays for itself in two years, saving $12,000 annually by replacing rental scaffolding.

For over a decade, a petrochemical refinery utilized temporary scaffolding to provide access to valves and pipes located at the bottom of a 12-foot spill containment embankment. This setup, intended as a provisional measure, became a long-term solution, incurring significant costs over time. The facility was spending approximately $10,000 annually on scaffolding rentals alone, with additional expenses of $8,000 every three years for dismantling and rebuilding the structure. Regular inspections added further inefficiencies and costs.

The persistent use of temporary scaffolding was costly and posed ongoing safety and operational challenges. The need for a more permanent, cost-effective, and safe solution became evident, prompting the refinery to seek alternatives.

The Scaffolding Replacement Solution

The facility reached out to ErectaStep, and working with one of our stair and compliance experts, ErectaStep replaced the temporary scaffolding with a permanent stair configuration. Utilizing ErectaStep’s modular design and advanced configurator (Configure, Price, Quote) software, we were able to configure the stair solution on-site using in-stock components, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming engineering, welding, and custom fabrication.

The Install

The old scaffolding was removed, followed by about a week of site preparations and concrete work. Because of the ErectaStep bolt-together design, the stair installation was completed in a single day without welding, special equipment, or special tools.

Project Results

The new ErectaStep installation significantly reduced the annual cost burden by eliminating rental and maintenance expenses associated with the temporary scaffolding. The stair configuration was not only more economically feasible but also enhanced operational efficiency and safety standards. Given the success of this project, the refinery has initiated a comprehensive plan to replace all temporary scaffolding throughout the facility, forecasting that the ErectaStep stairs will pay for themselves in less than two years.

The transition from temporary scaffolding to ErectaStep’s permanent stair solutions is an example of an effective strategy in industrial maintenance and safety management. This project highlights the economic and safety advantages of opting for durable, prefabricated stair solutions in challenging industrial environments.

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Gary Hendrix has served as Regional Sales Manager at ErectaStep since 2021, focusing on providing prefabricated metal stairs, steps, and work platforms that meet OSHA standards. He collaborates with industrial plants across various sectors—including oil and gas, chemical, and food and beverage—as well as engineering firms and trucking companies to achieve their safety objectives. Gary works directly with engineers, project managers, and safety professionals to deliver both standard and uniquely engineered solutions, enhancing workplace safety and efficiency. At ErectaStep, he is committed to offering the highest quality work platform equipment with the industry's fastest lead times, often within 24 hours.