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Industrial 7-Step Crossover Stairs

ErectaStep manufactures high quality, pre-engineered, OSHA compliant crossover platforms.

Give your workers safe access over obstacles and barriers with our industrial crossover stairs. Constructed from durable aluminum, our stairs can be placed over pipes, rooftop walls, and other obstructions, providing you with reliable access.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Our industrial 7-step crossover stairs are easily assembled without welding or fabrication. This product includes the following components: 1x Universal Platform: Stamped for a positive-traction walk surface, each platform is constructed from durable aluminum. Units have common bolt hole patterns for stairs, other platforms, and handrails. 2x Handrails: Each has universal nut-plate inserts, and is prefabricated to fit a 36″ side of our modular platform. The pipe construction handrails are powder coated and made from aluminum. 2x Aluminum Stairs: 7-Step stairs are designed to be connected together. Units have a platform surface of 36″ (914mm), and platform clearance at 30″ (762mm). 26″ (660mm) stamped positive-traction surfaces are prefabricated to fit any side of our platforms.

    5 Industrial Stair Components

  • Specifications


    Max Height8' 0"
    Max Length10' 6"
    Max Width3' 4"
    Max Clearance4' 6"
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    From design to completion, ErectaStep stairs are the one’s architects and builders trust. Made from 5 modular components, our stairs bolt together with no welding or special tools required. They can be configured to meet the needs of any application with customized components available to accommodate your designs.

  • FAQ


    1. Can ErectaStep be customized for my exact needs? A: YES. Although the patented five component design of ErectaStep Industrial can create a virtually endless number of configurations, there are some occasions that a customization may be necessary. Like creating a custom opening in the top of a platform or creating a custom contoured platform for instance. No matter what your custom stair or work platform needs are, we can help. Contact one of our customer reps for a quick custom configuration now!
    2. What is the "Configurator"?  A: The configurator is our patented design software for the iPad that allows our reps to "virtually" build your unique stair or work platform solution right in the iPad, in a matter of minutes. Sometimes even seconds. Yeah, that's right, it's painless.. just tell us what your requirements are and we'll design your custom solution and share the realistic rendering with you so you can see exactly what you're getting. To make sure it'll fit your need to a T! No extra charge.
    3. What application is ErectaStep Industrial perfect for? A: Well, there's not much you can't use ErectaStep for. Any application, both interior and exterior that is suitable for aluminum equipment. Perfect for accessing equipment for maintenance, accessing storage mezzanines, egress over dyke walls, pipes, mechanical ducts and so much more. Where ever you need quick, long lasting, access, ErectaStep Industrial will fit the bill. Contact our customer service rep for a free configuration today!
    4. Which is better, powder coating vs. paint or primer? A: Powder coating finishes are much tougher and thicker than traditional liquid paint or primers. And because they use no harsh solvents like paint, there is zero off gassing or foul chemical odors that frequently are associated with traditionally painted finishes. The bottom line, powder coating is tougher, longer lasting and doesn’t smell! Far superior to painted finishes.



OSHA Compliant

Made in USA

Customized Stairs

Customized to your Needs

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If you are a Safety Manager in an industrial setting, you know that there is nothing more vexing than seeing a worker crossing over an obstacle or ducking under a production line to get to another area. Workers taking shortcuts is an age-old problem and one that OSHA looks at with a cautious eye, for a good reason. Slips, accidental falls, and injuries frequently happen around ground-level obstacles that should have a designated safe crossover point. Crossover Stairs is the perfect solution.

Compliance with OSHA and thinking like an inspector is part of the job of an excellent facility or plant manager and seeing these crossover areas, then acting on them to reduce a hazard is a smart practice that adds layers of injury protection for your workers and peace of mind when thinking about that next inspection. 

Watch your workers and see where the trouble spots are.

Is there a horizontal pipe or electrical conduit that crosses an area of your plant’s deck?  Are workers always stepping over it instead of going to a designated crossover point?  An ErectaStep installation can solve that problem in a matter of hours.

Are your workers ducking under production lines to get to their stations or to take breaks?  This practice is dangerous both to your workers and your production time.  An injury to a worker going under a line can stop production cold. 

ErectaStep is the quickest, most effective way to add an OSHA compliant crossovers for any area in your plant.  The five-piece modular system allows for custom crossovers that address any length or height that your problem area requires.

Assembling the pieces of the ErectaStep system requires a minimum amount of tools, and in most cases, 2 or 3 workers can install a robust, good looking OSHA compliant crossover in a matter of hours.

Each piece of the ErectaStep system is solidly constructed of industrial-grade aluminum that is manufactured in the USA.  When you bolt the parts together, the result is a reliable, stable platform that workers will safely use for many years.

ErectaStep is cost-effective, easy to install, and OSHA compliant. Learn about ErectaStep’s OSHA compliance

If your company needs instant OSHA compliance for a crossover point to address a violation, ErectaStep is an out of the box easy to install solution.

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