Metal Stair Crossover In A Mining Operation

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Metal Stair Crossover in a mining operation

Nowhere is a functional and safe metal stair Crossover more necessary than in any bulk loading site. A conveyer belt in a mining site is dusty, loud, gritty, and dangerous to any worker that is not paying attention.

The ErectaStep system is perfect for a situation like at a mining operation.

ErectaStep is the five component mix and match system that is used to create safe OSHA compliant crossovers that are perfect in any situation.

ErectaStep features include easy installation, quality OSHA compliant materials, unparalleled fall protection, and absolute strength.

Where you win with an ErectaStep system

It takes two or three people less than a day to bolt the system together and install a perfect crossover.

The Instant OSHA compliance of this crossover comes right out of the box.

The steps, platform, towers, and handrails are all industrial aluminum that creates a reliable crossover platform.

The handrails, guardrails, and gates are powder-coated in ANSII yellow that resists scratching and the elements. The ErectaStep system will look great for many years.

Take a walkthrough of your plant.

Analyze your current crossovers. Are they due for an upgrade or has your production line expanded to a point where you need a new crossover on the floor? Check the mechanics of your current crossovers. Is your existing platform shaky?

Has the yellow warning paint worn thin? Are the stairs solid or the rungs on a ladder stable under your foot? Are any of your crossover platforms using chains as a fall barrier or as a gate? OSHA considers points blocked with chains to be violations.

Getting on the right track with the ErectaStep system is easy to do.

Determine the height you want to attain and the length of the crossover platform you need. Anchoring the crossover to the deck is done with standard tools and after that bolting the system together is easy.

With ErectaStep, the gain received is passed on to your workers as a safe environment. Being a proactive Safety Manager is better than being reactive after a safety incident.

ErectaStep is the way to go.

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