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Rolling Platform to Replace Unsafe Scaffolding

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Rolling Mobile Work Platform
By Nate Frank
Mar 20, 2018
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An Industrial chemical company replaced its unsafe scaffolding with a Rolling Mobile Platform

A large tire manufacturing plant faced high costs and inefficiencies with the use of temporary scaffolding for regular access to heat exchangers. The company incurred $2,400 per setup for scaffolding that was cumbersome, difficult to move, and not OSHA compliant. ErectaStep conducted a site assessment and implemented the MP Series RollaStep, a rolling work platform that enhances stability and mobility. This solution not only saved the plant over $18,000 annually but also improved maintenance efficiencies and ensured OSHA compliance, enhancing worker safety. The return on investment for the RollaStep was realized in just 4.5 months, providing a stable, mobile workspace suitable for multiple operators and equipment.
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