ErectaStep Stair & Catwalk installation – Sarasota FL

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci This ErectaStep stair and catwalk installation was assembled with 5 in-stock components that bolted together. No need for custom fabrication, welding, or special equipment. ErectaStep Stair & Catwalk installation – Sarasota FL

Stair Hazards in Construction Sites

Why Your Construction Stairs and Ladders Need to Meet Safety Standards

Construction sites are often replete with stairs or ladders that lead to the next floor. Stairways may be a standard walking surface, but they can also pose an innocuous threat when not being properly constructed and scaffolded for workers to walk up to them without slipping or tripping on anything in their way. All employers […]

Generator stairs installation

The Handrail FAQ: Complete Guide on Types, Requirements, and Installation

Whether you call it handrails, guardrails, or just plain ‘railings,’ these are all designed to prevent people from falling off from elevated work areas or from moving into restricted entry work zones. Falls ensue whenever employees move or walk, losing their balance away from their center of gravity, resulting in severe physical injury or trauma […]

Our engineering team is never afraid of a challenge

Not only is ErectaStep prefabricated and ready to install, but if your access needs require a custom solution, our engineers are ready to create a custom installation to keep your business safe and productive. When our engineering team receives a challenging project, they are always up to it. Here are some recent projects under development. […]

benefits of crossovers

How Crossover Stairs Will Benefit Your Business

Picture this: a large pipe is blocking your way to reach a control panel. Obstacles like large pipes, pieces of machinery, or any equipment can impede workers from moving from point A to point B. The blockage is mostly nothing more than a trip hazard, but it is an obstacle when it is too huge […]

Conveyor crossover stairs

Conveyor Crossover Stair Installation – Improving productivity and safety for a well-known bottling facility

A pre-fabricated conveyor crossover stair installation that didn’t require custom fabrication or special tools. Nestle Waters’ Zephyrhills brand is the number one bottled water in Florida, sourced from a natural spring in the region since 1964. The popular brand has a strong commitment to providing a safe work environment for employees at all of their […]

catwalk stairs

The Role of Access Catwalks and Mezzanine Systems in Industrial Safety

Better strike a pose with safety using a stable catwalk or access system, than be sorry when accidents in your manufacturing or construction site happen! As opposed to the more popular meaning of ‘catwalk’ as the ramp where models sashay garbed in high fashion, in the industrial parlance, a catwalk pertains to a ‘walkway’ that […]

Access A Flow Control Valve Safely

This image shows how the Buckeye Pipeline used an ErectaStep system to solve tricky space problems and improve safety in a remote location effectively. The ErectaStep system allows workers to access a flow control valve and shutoff valves with confidence safely. The ErectaStep modular system is immediately OSHA compliant thanks to constant engineering and very […]


SixAxis Secures Utility & Design Patents on Ingenious ErectaStep Products

Andrews, South Carolina – October 29, 2019 — Adding to a growing list of over 24 innovative proprietary industrial designs, SixAxis, LLC secured U.S. patent 10,358,871 in July of this year on behalf of its ErectaStep brand. The product line is ingeniously simple, composed of 5 OSHA compliant modular components designed with an infinite number […]

ErectaStep’s “The 8th Wonder of the World” saga continues

“The 8th Wonder of the World” saga continues as ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu chooses SixAxis’ ErectaStep to keep pyramid builders safe in an ingenious media campaign entitled, “The Mummy Returns.” Andrews, South Carolina – October 22, 2019 — Manufactured with the strict brand ethos that fall-prevention and safety products can be innovative, fast to ship, […]

Solar Panel Rooftop Aluminum Work Platform for Maintenance

Metal Stair Railing as Part of the ErectaStep System

There are thousands of ErectaStep metal stair systems installed all over the world. Smart Safety Managers have come to rely on the instant OSHA compliance that our metal stair railings, solid no-slip stairs, and rigid stair platforms provide. Safety Managers have learned that versatility, easy installation, and “Safety Peace Of Mind” are the way to […]

Common Metal Stair Configurations

Common Industrial Metal Stair Configurations

Our stair experts have designed and configured thousands of industrial stair solutions globally.  With so many installations, we’ve assembled a list of common industrial stair configurations with installation photos. ErectaStep’s patented modular design can be configured for any solution with only 5 different modular components. Because of this, components are always in stock and can […]

Tiered Metal Access Platform for Winery

Custom Work Platforms Were The Solution

Tennessee Valley Authority needed a reliable, OSHA compliant, custom work platform for a tricky installment. Naturally, TVA called SafeRack Construction Services for guidance about a collaborative custom solution. Custom Work Platforms can go anywhere. If you look closely at the photo, you can see why TVA needed a custom installation. The platform had to provide […]

OHSA Compliant Stair ErectaStep Lineup

Metal Stairs – ErectaStep’s Patented Technology Makes it a Category Leader

Whether you are considering a new work platform, loading platform, or an OSHA required crossover metal stairs unit,  there are better options than calling a custom fabricator.  It would be best if you considered that: You do not want to compromise worker safety by implementing something unsteady. You want to meet all OSHA requirements for […]

Metal Industrial Crossover Stairs

Crossover stairway cuts Voestalpine maintenance staff transportation time by 88%

When Austrian Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) producer Voestalpine was looking for ways to improve efficiency at their Portland, TX facility, they reached out to SafeRack for recommendations. Previously, maintenance workers had to make a 25-minute walk around the very large conveyor system for gas monitoring. A simple crossover stairway was a logical way to increase […]

HVAC Metal Stair Installation

University Seeking OSHA Compliant Metal Stairs Access to Rooftop HVAC Unit

When a university in West Virginia needed safe access to rooftop HVAC units, ErectaStep provided an efficient prefabricated platform solution that saved the school time, space, and money. The project began with a site visit where SafeRack reps noticed that rather than building two separate platforms, two areas could be accessed from the same prefabricated elevated […]

Rolling Metal Stair for Aviation

Southwest Airlines Abandons In-House Build for ErectaStep’s Mobile Work Platform

Passenger and employee safety are significant concerns for major airlines such as Southwest. Routine repairs and maintenance checks are required on all equipment to keep employees, technicians, and passengers safe at all times. Southwest Airlines had previously built their mobile work platforms in-house as the heights of their fleet are not uniform. This expensive and […]


The Importance of Choosing the Right Vendor

Ultimately, the responsibility for providing a safe workplace falls on the shoulders of employers. But your vendor should be there alongside you to help support this mission. And they should be committed to this task — not just your pocketbook. A safety solution and loading platform vendor should be an asset to trust and lean […]

As Campbell Soup Company Grows into New Product Markets, Safety & Accessibility Take Center Stage

The Campbell Soup Company is no stranger to the importance of safe and sound business practices. When facility manager Dan Junge discovered that existing rooftop access ladders presented significant safety hazards for operators, he knew replacing them was necessary. Predictable safety hazards such as rust, slipping, and durability is unavoidable as fall protection equipment ages, […]

ErectaStep Metal Stair Catwalk installation for Pipeline

Using ErectaStep to Transition from Legacy Crude Oil to Gas Storage Terminal

Flint Hills Resources Opts for ErectaStep Catwalk Stairs to Transition from Legacy Crude Oil to Gas Storage Terminal Client Flint Hills Resources Location Eagleville, MO Project Install ErectaStep Catwalks and platforms throughout terminal Product ErectaStep Industrial Stairs Catwalk stairs installed in the 1980s needed significant OSHA upgrades at a Flint Hills Resources (FHR) site in […]

Custom Outdoor Crossover Stairs With Handrails for Propane Facility

Project Profile – A Propane Facility Crossover Project

A propane and natural gas processing company based in the greater D.C. area export facility provided propane to a large section of the country. They found themselves in need of a crossover in order to assist workers in efficiently getting around the facility for maintenance required to upkeep their equipment. After doing some research on […]

HVAC Stair Units Outdoors

Project Profile – University Improves Safe Access to Air Handlers & HVAC units

West Virginia University needed a complex platform solution to safely access their rooftop air handlers and HVAC units servicing the college dorms and science buildings. The facility manager was not only looking for a solution that would be efficient but also safe for filter maintenance access. SafeRack’s HVAC specialists were able to quickly configure a […]