Metal stairs to access boiler header

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The US Navy used a portable ladder to access an enclosed boiler header (or boiler manifold) in a mountain region that gets a lot of snow. Arm-Tex Corporation and ErectaStep worked to provide a safer solution in any weather. What was an extremely risky maintenance operation is now just a walk upstairs… safer and more efficient.

Used as a heating system a boiler adds heat to water generating pressured steam. That pressurized heated steam is circulated through the heating system through piping and is referred to as a steam header. The header also serves as a reservoir that feeds steam to the individual heating circuits. The steam header must be large enough to virtually eliminate pressure drop between the boiler and the beginning of the circuit. Smaller diameter piping connects the steam header to a steam manifold. The manifold serves as the branch point for supplying the individual heating circuits. Steam manifolds commonly have 4-16 branches, and each branch contains an isolation valve. A steam trap is located at the bottom of the manifold for removing any condensate from the manifold.

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