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If you are a Plant Manager at a food processing company, your job is one of the toughest in the world!

Your workday has you juggling many large items.

First and foremost, you are concerned with worker safety at the plant. You have large heated vats, industrial size mixers, grinders, and extruders, and packaging equipment all spinning, grinding, cutting, sealing… all at the same time. Workers are moving around, the noise level is high, but you have worker safety covered well.

Then you have Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) that the FDA is continuously enforcing.

Because your plant is processing food items, you have a whole other set of regulations thrown into the mix. The equipment has to be cleaned and sanitized on a rigid and frequent schedule every day.

Then there are the other elements of your companies cleaning and sanitation program Master Schedule.
– Waste Management
– Regular cleanups of spills and airborne material.
– Planning with Sanitary Design
– Reviewing old equipment to be replaced

Did I mention that you have one of the toughest jobs? It gets tougher.

Aside from OSHA compliance for your workers, and FDA regulations for your product, you have to maintain CGMP or Current Good Manufacturing Practices.
That is a lot of juggling!

ErectaStep Understands

ErectaStep understands the tightrope that you have to walk every day. We make equipment that makes your life a bit easier and your workers safer in a very complicated industrial environment. We understand that food manufacturers and packagers must adhere to a complex series of steps that ensures that every piece of equipment will be safe to use at the next scheduled production cycle.

We designed a line of Work Platform Components that can be seamlessly integrated into a food manufacturing facility. The platform system is designed to help you meet all the standards set by OSHA, the FDA, and helps you stay true to CGMP.

– We designed the equipment to be easily sanitized daily. It can be rinsed, wiped, scraped with plastic utensils, and sanitized with standard agents daily.
– Our material is made of rust-free aluminum that has minimal weld points. Keeping rust out of your plant is essential to the FDA.
– Our equipment does not have any painted or powder coated surfaces that can chip, crack, or produce particles.
– Our work platforms are all OSHA compliant.
– Installation time is minimal and not severely intrusive to production time.
– Design a platform around any area or piece of equipment that needs a safe platform. Our Configurator tool will put together a system that is perfect for any application you have in mind.

Allow us to make your busy life a little easier. An ErectaStep representative can take your project and work with you to deliver compliance, peace of mind, and a state of the art platform system that looks great and provides safety for your workers.

ErectaStep has been helping thousands of companies like yours for over 20 years. The quality materials, engineering, and modern manufacturing methods have produced a product that we are very proud of. Our high-quality work platforms are game-changers and excellent solutions to the problems that busy Plant Managers encounter every day. Call ErectaStep today and allow us to show you how easy it is to solve problems.