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Rolling Metal Stair Platform For Duke Energy

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Rolling Metal Stair Platform For Duke Energy
By Gary Hendrix
Jul 17, 2019
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RollaStep Mobile Work Platform

This photo shows an excellent example of a RollaStep mobile work platform. The absolute quality of this platform is evident.

Start with the wheels.

The high-quality wheels on the mobile platform rotate 360 degrees. This feature makes the lightweight platform easy to maneuver into any space. Once in place, the wheels on the platform lock into position to add stability to the elevated work area.

How many metal rolling platforms have you pushed around that had sticky wheels like a well-worn supermarket cart? RollaStep uses quality wheels that rotate in a very smooth fashion. This mobile platform almost glides silently across a plant or factory as a worker guides it from job spot to job spot.

The lightweight frame and base

The broad base of this platform is also designed to add OSHA compliant fall protection. The platform is held in place by the braced tower supports. All of the components that make up the base of the RollaStep platform form a solid core made of industrial strength aluminum. A broad base and solid aluminum keep the work platform stable. This kind of stability with the built-in fall protection is well thought out with the safety of your workers in mind. The tower supports the platform enough, so your workers are confident, able to work standing, kneeling, or in a prone position.

Then there is the platform.

The platform itself on the base RollaStep model is a very generous 6 square feet of workspace. The amount of space on the platform is increased on other models and custom models of the Rollastep.

The platform has a non-slip surface and ample space to work in any position. Because of the support and built-in fall protection, a worker can stand, kneel, or lay prone to address any work situation.

The Fall Protection

The guardrails on the platform, the handrails on the metal stairs and any gates are constructed to provide the best fall protection that industrial grade aluminum can provide. The stair handrails are bolted in place and offer rigid grips to using the stairs. The guardrails are solid aluminum put in place at levels that provide extreme fall protection as a worker moves on the platform.

The Vibrant Yellow Powdercoated Paint Coating.

The handrails and guardrails are powder-coated in ANSII yellow paint. The powder-coated finish provides scratch protection and protection against the elements. The fall protection rails are designed to hold their vibrant finish and last for years.

RollaStep offers your company reliable fall protection, portability, durability, and good looks. RollaStep is the portable work platform that makes sense to any Safety Manager as they evaluate how to improve in the companies safety mission. RollaStep is the way to go.





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