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McKenna Labs installs ErectaStep to Access Compounding and Holding Tanks

McKenna Labs in Fullerton, CA, collaborated with ErectaStep to enhance safety and productivity by upgrading access platforms and stairs for their compounding and holding tanks. ErectaStep's customized solutions helped McKenna Labs maintain their outstanding safety record while ensuring efficient operations in their FDA GMP certified facility.

Catwalk for compounding and Holding Tanks

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By Dan Matz
May 29, 2019
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When McKenna Labs of Fullerton, CA was looking for a partner to help maintain a stellar safety record at their 135,000 square-foot personal care contract manufacturing facility located in Fullerton, CA, they knew ErectaStep could deliver. McKenna was founded in 1998 and provides small batch and mass market compounding, filling, testing, warehousing, and shipping of liquids, gels, creams, and can fill units for customers, producing personal care products. In order to keep their large facility safe and productive, they upgraded their access platforms and stairs with ErectaStep to access compounding and holding tanks.

McKenna Labs Maintains Outstanding Safety Record with the Help of ErectaStep to Access Compounding and Holding Tanks

ErectaStep’s West Coast Territory Sales Manager Scott Johnson collaborated with the McKenna Lab’s management team to create a customized solution to fit their unique production line and improve access to compounding and holding tanks. “McKenna is the perfect example of a manufacturing business that can’t risk slowing down production to take care of maintenance and safety upgrades,” explains Johnson. “Our customized ErectaStep access platforms and stairs helped them reduce the risk of injury for staff in a facility that ships and received large amounts of product every single day. They were very happy with the results and are already making plans for the next installment as the company grows.”

ErectaStep stairs and work platforms improve productivity while helping facilities provide a compliant and safe environment for their employees. Our customized turn-key solutions are designed, delivered, and installed on time and on budget. Interested in learning how ErectaStep can keep your facility safe? Contact us today to learn more.


About McKenna Labs

McKenna’s 135,000-square foot FDA GMP certified facility is headquartered in Southern California near Los Angeles. Their modern production systems and equipment allows them to meet the production demands of their customers. From small run to mass-market production quantities and including 4,000-gallon compounding and holding tank capacities, McKenna Labs has the ability to run up to 10 simultaneous lines to fill, cap, code, label, and safety seal a variety of formulas, including: liquids, creams, emulsions, gels, lotions, hot pours, and ointments with filling capabilities that include tubes, bottles, jars, airless pumps, vials, and in sizes ranging from 0.5 ml to 1 gallon.

Dan, our National Account Sales Manager since 2011, brings extensive expertise in mechanical and industrial engineering solutions, focusing on access and stair safety compliant with OSHA standards. He excels in strategic planning, customer engagement, and negotiation, ensuring clients receive tailored, effective access solutions for their needs.