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Valve Test Stand Access Platform Installation

In valve test stands, a maze of pipes and tanks can leave operators struggling to access valves, filters, and other components. Custom fabrication traditionally tackles these challenges, but what if there was a more efficient and cost-effective solution?

Cla Val ErectaStep Valve Testing Stair Platform

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Project Profiles
By Scott Sullivan
Apr 24, 2024
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Imagine a crucial testing facility with pipes snaking overhead and tanks looming nearby. Safe and efficient access for personnel is critical, but the tight space poses a challenge. Custom fabrication seems like the only solution, but what if there was a better way? This project profile details how an innovative modular access system overcame these limitations to deliver a safe and efficient workspace.

Cla Val ErectaStep Valve Testing Stair Platform
A valve test stand installation at Cla-Val in Costa Mesa, CA. This bolt together configuration is an example of ErectaStep’s modular design and how it can adapt to compact space without custom fabrication. This facility, designed by Argus Consulting and constructed by Kinley Construction, employs advanced modular designs to support essential testing operations.

Kinley Construction recently partnered with Cla-Val Global to build a new valve test stand at their Costa Mesa, CA headquarters. Cla-Val facility rigorously tests their valves using mineral spirits. To give their workers access around the test throughout the testing process, Kinley Construction implemented an ErectaStep stair and access platform system, all within a tight space with pipes and tanks.

ErectaStep: The Perfect Choice for Cla-Val’s Needs

ErectaStep’s innovative modular design made it an ideal solution for the Cla-Val valve Test Stand project, particularly given the space constraints. Here’s why:

  • Safety First: ErectaStep stairs prioritize safety. Its pre-engineered components comply with OSHA standards, providing a secure platform for Cla-Val personnel navigating the testing facility.
  • Efficient Access in Tight Spaces: The modular design shines in confined areas. ErectaStep’s components can be configured to navigate around pipes and tanks, granting Cla-Val personnel easy access to valves, filter separators, micron filters, and other crucial components for operation and maintenance.
  • Off-the-Shelf Solution: Because of ErectaStep’s modular bolt-together design, Kinley Construction was able to utilize standard parts without the need for an engineer or a custom fabricator. Eliminating custom fabrication and engineering saved Cla-Val valuable time and money.
  • Fast Installation: ErectaStep’s signature bolt-together system facilitates rapid assembly. This minimizes downtime and ensures the testing facility is operational as quickly as possible.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-grade aluminum, ErectaStep offers superior strength and resistance to corrosion. This ensures a long-lasting solution for Cla-Val’s testing needs.

Kinley Construction: Delivering Expertise

Kinley Construction’s expertise in ErectaStep installation played a key role in the project’s success. Their team likely:

  • Collaborated with Cla-Val and Argus Consulting: Ensuring the ErectaStep system seamlessly integrated with the overall test stand design, particularly to navigate the confined space with pipes and tanks.
  • Developed a customized layout: Tailoring the off-the-shelf ErectaStep components to provide optimal access to all areas of the testing facility.
  • Executed a smooth installation: Utilizing their experience with ErectaStep to efficiently assemble the system within the tight space, minimizing disruption to Cla-Val’s operations.

With the ErectaStep system in place, Cla-Val now boasts a safe and efficient testing facility that empowers their personnel to perform vital operations and maintenance tasks with ease, even within the confined space.

Scott Sullivan joined ErectaStep in 2018 as a seasoned Sales professional with over 20 years of experience in driving revenue growth and enhancing market presence through a consultative sales approach. As an expert in OSHA-compliant stair solutions and compliance, Scott excels in building exceptional relationships and providing top-tier customer service. His strong business acumen and commitment to excellence ensure he delivers outstanding results and safety solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.